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Cosmo Announces Retail Collection

By JohnH on Wednesday, 20th October 2010 9:51pm
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A maxim for a post-City Center Las Vegas: If there is one thing that this city has, it is enough Louis Vuitton stores. I mean, come on. You've got four standalone stores at Crystals, The Forum Shops, Fashion Show, and Wynn Las Vegas, and two satellite stores at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. Enough is enough. In fact, developing that point further, the opening of Crystals pretty much signals that we have reached our maximum saturation of high end, marquee label boutiques.

Taking that notion into account, what was the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas to do when it came to filling their large - albeit drastically reduced for its original Eichner-era, pre-recession retail space wet dream - amount of retail space?

Today, we got our answer: Lifestyle brands.

That's right, the Cosmo's going to fill its shopping halls with the likes of AllSaints (A British vintage-inspired shop, which is incredibly popular in LA), Beckley (a vague boutique), CRSVR (sneakers), DNA2050 (denim), DROOG (a design store, more Alex DeLarge than IKEA), Molly Brown's Swimwear (in there like...), RetroSPECS & Co. (find the play on sunglasses as specs for yourself), Skin 62 Cosmetics, and STITCHED (A gentlemen's lifestyle destination? Okay).

Translation? An intimate collection of very expensive brands that, for the most part, I have never heard of. And in all honesty, that's saying something, because I'm a fairly sartorially minded gentleman. I mean, I don't reach the level of fashion knowledge attained by my colleague Mike E, but I do know what I'm talking about when it comes to this stuff. So for me to not know more than half of these stores is either a great thing from the perspective of discovering a new store that I wouldn't have otherwise encountered in my various shopping exercises, or it simply means that Cosmo had to reach to the bottom of the barrel when it came to retail. I guess we'll have to wait until December 15th to see which it is.

One last thing, though. Am I the only one who thought a brand like John Varvatos should have been front and center at Cosmo? Yeah, I know he's already got the places at Caesars and Hard Rock, but the whole lifestyle that Cosmo is aimed toward parallels Varvatos' target demographic almost to a "T." And yet, he's not there. He's still got that store at Hard Rock that seems like more of an obligation to the brand's rock and roll roots than it does a profitable retail move, but hey, what do I know? I guess I can hold out some kind of hope, though. Can't I?

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No thank you. If I need to do any shopping while in Vegas, I'll hit the outlet malls.

This is the nice thing about non-homogenized ownership on the strip. It forces a competitor to look for new brands and stores to stock their floor with. Looks similar to the restaurant lineup. I have to imagine the choices will be fine, after all, there are tons of brands available, especially from a global standpoint that I'm sure the resort will benefit from. The only issue of course is whether or not the high end consumers care and/or whether or not it's priced out the range of the average consumer. There is a sweetspot there I think they need to find, in addition to finding new retailers.

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