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Behold, The Centerpiece!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 20th October 2010 4:33pm
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All the fluttering we've been doing about casino advertising, brought a little bird to my window last night, where it broke its beak on the double paned glass. Before it fell three stories to its death, the birdy squeaked out flurry of cheeps and beeps which when sent through the Super Bird-O-Matic translated to:

The theme for the new CityCenter / Aria ad campaign for 2010 will be "Centerpiece"

Which I'm taking to meaning something like ARIA/CityCenter is the "The Centerpiece of Las Vegas" or something like that. Perhaps we'll see a photo montage of table centerpieces accompanied by the latest jam from Andreas Vollenweider or maybe some Dave Koz.

This would make some related sense with the "The Center of ______ has Shifted" slogan we ran up the flagpole the other day.

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Comments & Discussion:

Well I wuld hope that their claim is to be the centerpiece of City Center since Aria is nowhere near the middle of the Strip and isnt the most popular place to stay in town.

CityCenter: The Hideous Sandra Lee Tablescape of Las Vegas


You have to feel sorry for Aria's advertising agency. They have been straightjacketed into this abysmal "New Center of the Universe" positioning from the very beginning, thanks to Murren's utterly misguided obsession and insistence that City Center is somehow the new center of Las Vegas.

(Note to Murren: It's not. It may be a spectacular property, but at the end of the day it's just another (albeit major) property on the Strip. And everybody knows it but you.)

But to stoke this douchebag's ego, all advertising has to go down this same boring road of self-aggrandizing pretentiousness. You can see corporate's fingerprints all over it.

In fact, I'll bet the ad agency has actually come up with some excellent work, only to have every ounce of creativity sucked out of it by the time Murren and the MGM suits were done with it. You can see it in the difference between Aria's ads and Cosmopolitan's: the corporate ossification vs. the freedom to take a few chances and have some fun.

Anyhow, that's my final word on it. I'd much rather go back to fixating on that blonde getting laced up in the Cosmo spot. Oh my.

Center of Vegas, I thought Murren thought it was the epic Center of the West. The new Manhattan, built by him in hopes of the city looking down on him so fondly and renaming the city in his honor, how does Las Murren sound?

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