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Are You Fluent In Cosmopolitan?

By Blackjacker1979 on Wednesday, 20th October 2010 3:50pm
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Then I have a job for you.

The word around Las Vegas is that the folks over at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas are turning quite a few heads with their eccentric and somewhat complicated interview and hiring process.

Word from an applicant that I spoke with is that on top of multiple interviews and auditions, some with multiple people overseeing them, the Cosmopolitan is focusing its hiring efforts on people who speak non-accented, fluent English. Broken English? Tinge of the motherland? No soup for you.

From what interviewees participating in this discussion thread have pieced together, it seems the management team is trying to wholly avoid "no speaka die Deutche Bank" situations that have become more and more common with everyone from housekeeping to dealers across the Strip.

Biased? Maybe. But its well within the rights of the management to restrict their hiring in such a way, despite audible groans from those capable employees with less than perfect speaking skills. I know for a fact that I won’t be upset to have a messed up payout conversation with a dealer that doesn't involve me repeating things three times or vice versa.

We now know that the "Curious Class" speaks English. Only.

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Maybe I just never noticed but is it that difficult to find and hire an entire staff that speaks english in Las Vegas? If I was running a US hotel- which is in the business of mainly english speaking customers- I'd want to hire people who speak fluent english. How is this 'news'? Is it normal for vegas hotels to hire staff that don't speak english?

If you or anyone else here can honestly tell me you've never encountered someone who spoken in broken English dealing or working in Vegas then you're on another planet. The news is the fluency. Casinos often require you to speak great English, but understanding and speaking English correctly is much different than fluency in the language. To be fluent you are to sound like you have spoken it most or your life with little to no detection it is not your first language.

I don't think there is anything particularly eccentric or complicated here - every hotel in town requires fluency in English for guest contact positions.

Fluency in English makes sense, although the "non-accented" bit seems excessive.

Very thick accents, yeah, I can understand why people would avoid that. But if an accent doesn't make someone else indecipherable, I don't see how it could really detract from a guest's experience.

But if the Cosmo is willing to put the effort into this... their money.

Well I will never forget the time I went to the Eifel Tower at Paris and hearing our Japanese/Hawaiian guide speaking in a French accent until a few of us told her she didnt have to fake the accent. I would guess that Cosmo wants people who can be completely understood on the phone or in person.

Hmmm...the initial group interview structure does seem to favor those that are comfortable speaking English. I interviewed with 11 others, and only 3 of us were fluent, therefore we dominated the conversation and were held back for 1 on 1's. Cosmo may not be looking specifically for fluent English, but people who are comfortable speaking in a group where English is spoken, if that makes sense.

My Mexican girlfriend just got called back for her 5th(!) interview for entry-level F&B. She is fluent with little to no accent. The last interview was a group setting, 4 people having a "conversation" with a 3 managers. She said one guy was older with broken English and didn't seem to have much of a chance.

Thanks for the input Mizzou. This is the kind of thing I heard from the dealer who was applying for a table games opening.

I'm now convinced Cosmopolitan is not hiring on the basis of "perfect English." I just called for a status update on my "Audition" and I swear I spent 5 minutes talking to Sofia Vergara from Modern Family.

Additionally...the hiring process is running a bit behind schedule.

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