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Surrender's Latest Strategy: Blankets and Laser Beams

By MikeE on Tuesday, 19th October 2010 2:56am
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With an outdoor component being the major trend in Vegas nightlife, combating the winter temperatures is a relatively new problem. For spots like XS or PURE, the interiors are large enough to handle four-digit capacities while the exteriors get a couple heat lamps for the dance floor rejects (me).

But such is impossible for Surrender. With only 6000-ish square feet of indoor space and hardly a dance floor, the majority of the party is outside. So how do they plan on combating the biting December cold? Las Vegas Weekly has the goods (third paragraph.)

Blankets? I can see it now: Slumber Party Sundays industry night and TripAdvisor reviews claiming all kind of cooties. The extended dance floor will improve the space tenfold and actually help with major overflow problems. That's the good news.

The bad news? Outdoor *oontz oontz oontz* year round.

Big thanks to JohnD for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Well, that definitively answered my question of what happens to EBC in winter.
Instead of blankets, maybe Surrender could work out a joint venture with Cosmopolitan to rent warm, cuddly kittens, puppies and bunnies to chilly guests.

Can anyone say bed bugs?

Blankets at a club? Hmmmm. For all the under/over bettors out there, I'll start the line at midnight for the first under-blanket handjob and 1:00 a.m. for the first under-blanket blowjob.

I can see it now...

Snuggies with the Surrender or EBC logo on them for sale on the way in.

Ugh...this news has really put a damper on my Encore TS reservations for December. Hopefully it's not too bad during the week.

Those blankets will be full of DNA in no time!!!! Nasty!

"biting December cold"? Must be the Canadian in me, but it's not THAT cold in December, is it?

Do they have to take out all the black lights in the bar now?

A dime on the unders

You'll find night time temps can be in the 40s or in the 30s in some extreme cases, with a nice breeze coming off the desert floor..a jacket is in order..not sure about the blankets..

If you run the pencil on the under-blanket handjob, I think you'll find that after you spring for the cabana, assorted bottles of booze and Red Bull, hits of X, skinny jeans, Nickleback concert T, sport coat, hair gel and fedora, glow sticks and designer lollipops... you're really better off just picking up a run of the mill center bar hooker.

I love hits of X.

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