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Vdara Offers A Whole New Way To Get Burned

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 18th October 2010 9:30pm
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Capitalizing on their newfound notoriety as the only Las Vegas resort that threatens the health and safety of its guests, Vdara is offering a their guests a whole new way of getting burned - accepting their latest email offers.

No, its not that the offer itself isn't that bad, its that they have the out and out gall to tout paying a resort fee as a positive feature of the promo.

Vdara Resort Fee Promo

If you book this offer now, we'll still make you pay the resort fee, but we'll roll it into the package price so you don't see the resort fee listed when you look back at your receipt (but you still paid for it) and you should be happy about this.

What Vdickheads! Dear Vdara, do us a solid.... either waive the resort fee, or just don't mention it. How stupid do you think we are?

Big thanks to CanadianCrapShooter for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

This is a bs move. I agree, don't charge or done mention.

That being said, I used to pay $15/day for internet at Wynn so I welcome paying a resort fee for about the same amount.

I'm not clear what the fuss is about here, I got this same offer and was much happier to see "Resort Fees Included" as opposed to the alternative "Resort Fees NOT Included"...

@chris that they're pretending to not charge you for something that they shouldn't charge you for but they are charging you for anyways doesn't bother you?

Resort fee aside, that Success Package screams "Vegas" to me. I can't think of a better reason to go to Sin City than to sit in a tiny kitchenette and eat a room service club sandwich while watching, "Eat Pray Love" on pay-per-view and waiting for my shirts to be pressed. Vegas Baby!

How is this not better, having all of your charges expressed to you up front and included in the room price? Haven't the vast majority of resort fee complaints been due to the way resort fees are hidden and not added to the room rates when booking online?

@sandyastrogl1de Having all charges up front is a good thing, but making the fact they are doing so a "feature" of the offer/ad/special isn't.

The deal itself doesn't pencil out. It's like $350/nite!

There's probably a few reasons why they have to be upfront about the fee. One is, again, that the fee is untaxed and the fee money can be shuffled on paper to whatever department MGM thinks needs a revenue boost. It's not tethered to room revenue. So hotels really like the fee. Second is that (if you're Vdara) you don't want to establish the precedent that packages have the fee waived. Cause you can't unwalk that dog.

Apartments in Vegas - ick.
I stayed in a timeshare on the Vegas strip once and while yes, the extra room was nice, I wouldn't do it again. I don't like non-gaming sites. And I get that ARIA is right next door, but dammit, I want to be able to get into the elevator, go the first floor and exit to a casino. Not a lobby, not signage that says "Casino next door or down the street" an actual casino dammit!!!

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