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Battle of the Print Ads: Cosmo vs Aria

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 18th October 2010 5:29pm
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ARIA and Cosmopolitan have both released a new series of print ads. This is Cosmo's first brand campaign and ARIA's second.

Here is one of ARIA's three new ads:

Aria Print Ads

The ARIA ad features three different settings with the same message, that the center of (pick one: "pleasure", "attention" or "elegance") has shifted. Architecture and interior design are highly featured.

Here is one of the Cosmopolitan's new adverts (thanks to Mac45678 for sharing the pic)

Aria Print Ads

The Cosmo ad features a tuxedoed celebrator, cocktail in hand, wrapped in plastic and caution tape, waiting for "opening December 15th."

Whaddya think?

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Comments & Discussion:

Cosmo wins this battle. The Aria ad just tells us that the casino is pleasurable (and given the whole "death ray" dust-up the pool bullseye is kind of strange), while the Cosmo ad says that something fun is going to happen.

I like that it doesn't take itself too seriously.

I think the print ad is way more successful than the commercial.

Definitely Cosmo in a win here, I stated my thoughts on the TV ad already, but the slogan is a winner, that they can continue to drive, it's catchy, short, gives an impression, and is fun.

Also, I wonder if the font for Pleasure is from the North Valet piece, looks familiar. Although I don't think they want to associate that piece of art with the resort given it's message.

It doesn't really matter whether the guy in the Cosmo ad forgets to breathe. He's dead either way.

ARIA = Vanilla. Cosmo = Exciting.
Its nice to see a casino take some chances and not be so damn safe. Its also nice to see a point of view and not be afraid to show some character.

As far as print ad doing what it is suposse to do I think Aria's is stunning while the Cosmo is a little goof-ball.Without the tripazoidal insight most have into these hotels,to the average reader if they had the names Hotel#1 and Hotel#2 on the ad I think most would choose the "center of pleasure".

So far the Cosmopolitan has me thinking that a stay there is going to be more or less like being in "Eyes Wide Shut" (or maybe the last ten minutes of "The Shining").

Cosmo ads are gay....in a good way.

I like the tagline in the Cosmo ad, just under the "C" logo...

"Just the right amount of wrong"

First time I've seen or heard that...much better than [insert clever ad copy here]

While Aria's print ad is sort of generic, Cosmo's looks like it came from Dexter's kill room. I don't like either one.

Score another win for Cosmo. As for Aria, snoooooosh...

Cosmo wins here because it's different. The Aria ad is a vanilla ad that any ad agency could have come up with over coffee.

I'm tired of beautiful people in all of them, honestly. Hell, I'd think the Aria ad would be more interesting if the pool had nobody in it but reflected a night sky and the building with it's exterior lighting on. At least that would be intriguing.

It seems like Paris's ad where the Men In White Jackets steal everything from a Parisian downtown (finishing with a comically large crane lifting the tower out of the ground) and I guess the Steve Wynn ego-stroking rooftop commercials simply for their lack of content, have been the only ads I've seen without a "come here, lonely/virgin/single fellas, and catch a mate!" theme.

I kind of wish The Palazzo, or Planet Hollywood pre-Peepshow, had bothered to have a real marketing campaign.

The Aria ad at least lets me know it's a resort from the hotel and pool in the background. If I didn't know that the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was a resort I might think it was a tuxedo rental place or a nightclub or a high end furniture store, they assume that people know what they are. Just my $0.02.

At least that guy in the Cosmo ad will be safe if he goes to EBC......

It's a couple days since the TV commercial and thinking about this more (because I'm a Vegas fanatic). I have to say I think the campaign is off to a good start. Why show the resort now, why not let people wonder what The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is, there is plenty of time over the next month to introduce them. No different then a radio station changing format and running the same song for 24 hours. Get the buzz, and build some thought.

I really don't think Cosmo is going to change the landscape of casino gaming as we know it. Nor is it going to be a game changer, either. To me, it looks like an amalgamation of the HRH, Palms, Pho and the bar in Attack of the Clones on the planet Coruscant. Seriously, the ad campaign is really not making me think luxury. Its making me think pseudo-george lucsas inspired bondage and lightsabers. Does anybody really think that a place owned by Deutsch Bank is going to go all out luxo. I have not seen a hint of class. What does a classy joint look like? It looks like Wynn/Encore (despite the XS crowd), Bellagio the aging wonder, MO and yes to an extent Aria. This place seems to be aiming for the XS crowd and thats cool if thats your thing. I can be totally wrong about the place and I will be the first to admit it. I'll be there in December and in January, if it kicks ass, I will be the first to admit I was wrong. But my point is the ad campaign blows.

The Aria ad should have this tag line... "Just the right amount of Resort Fees"

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