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Handicapping World War N9NE

By JohnH on Monday, 18th October 2010 3:01am
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In case you hadn't heard, an imbroglio of epic, biblical, and out-and-out Shakespearean proportions has erupted between Palms owner George Maloof and N9NE Management Group principal Michael Morton, developer of the Palms' famously infamous N9NE Steakhouse, Rain nightclub, Moon nightclub, Playboy Club, Ghostbar, and various other dens of debauchery.

We're serious here, folks. According to a recent Las Vegas Sun article detailing all of the various goings-ons, complete nuclear war has erupted over on Flamingo Rd. West. Over what, you may ask? Well among other things, we've got accusations of sexual harassment on the parts of both Morton and his managing partner, a guy by the name of Andy Belmonti, a discrimination suit against the same two gents that resulted in the awarding of $460,000 in hush money settlements, and general discontent over Morton sashaying his sexual harassing ass over to Wynn Las Vegas in order to develop the La Cave Wyne Bar which will celebrating a "Controversy Free" grand opening, Holiday 2010!

But what's the end result of all of the infighting, injunctions, John Grisham cloak and dagger legal accusations, and various other things? Well, in our eyes, it looks like most of this is just further proof that George Maloof might be slowly losing control over the property that made him famous. I mean, to see this come short on the heels of a major DUI arrest is quite simply not a good thing, and in all reality, looks to portend bad things down the road for all parties involved.

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And entering stage left like Joan Collins in "Dynasty" is our evil villain... Harrah's.

Who shot JR?

Does anyone remember when Morongo kicked out the N9NE group not long after they opened their new resort? N9NE basically stopped paying their bills and Morongo locked the doors on them and quickly shuttered most of their venues. Looks like it's going to happen @ The Palms. hahaha

Doubt it. Maloof needs N9ne more than they need him at this point. He doesn't have whales, and tourists aren't coming to the off-strip resort for Sunset Tan and the all-you-can-eat raw bar in the buffet.

Then there's the little matter of Anthony Marnell III and all of his new money...

Did anyone notice that Paul Pusateri is the one writing these letters, not the Maloofs? I've said it for months, Maloof signed over operational control of his baby, and Pusateri has him by the short and curlies (not the ones on his head)...Pusateri owns the Capo's restaurants, I'm guessing there will be a Capo's on the 51th floor of the Fantasy Tower before too long...IF Pusateri is still in charge after the new owners take over.

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