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The VT Poker Classic Round 2 Results

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 18th October 2010 2:13am
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VT Classic 2

Seeing the leaves turn color and start to fall off the trees means only one thing... you don't live in California it is time for the Caol Ila Islay Scotch VT Classic! In this installment of our famed VT staff poker night, we invited the one and only Admiral Hillegas to come join me, Mike E, John H and Blackjacker as we went into head to head battle on the felt.

After three or four rounds of drinks at our fully stocked bar and a tournament opening toast of the delightfully mossy Caol Ila scotch, the game picked right up where the previous VT classic left off. Within the first ten hands, MikeE, JohnH and Blackjacker all started amassing chips at the expense of The Admiral who dipped into his private booty for about 11 $100 rebuys (!!!) over the course of the evening.

MikeE took down a bunch of gigantic pots early on in the game, representing a possible four card frush on the unsuspecting Admiral. A few hands later John sent me to the rebuy rail in a monster hand, the details of which I've purposefully blocked out of my mind. Jerk. Shortly thereafter Blackjacker's ten kicker proved to be the deciding in a three way KK66 pot, and launched him firmly in control of the game...

...at least until his 2am pumpkin alarm went off alerting him that his ride home was outside awaiting. Not satisfied to accept the ol' "Sorry to win and run guys but..." shenanigans, I headed down to street level to invite BJ'rs driver, Juztin up to the lab for a night cap and some cards. Instantly, the action went haywire. Despite many admirable attempts at keeping his poker dreams afloat, the Admiral was forced to make return trips to the rebuy window, ballooning the amount of cash in play on the table over $3000!

When all hope appeared to be lost, the Admiral started firing cannonball after cannonball across the bow of others' busted draws and failed flushes to pull in three monster pots, filling his coffers with his own money - in process sending JohnH to the rebuy window and nearly decimating Mike E. A few hands later, my post-flop all in got two callers who both checked down a possible side pot. As luck would have it, my trips held up and put me into cash positive territory for the first time all night.

The evening culminated in gigantic all in by everyone at the table (except me) which put 75% of the total chips in play. When all was said and done, Juztin's pocket rockets took down the main and side pots to the tune of $2940. Within nanoseconds of being handed said cash, he darted to his car and drove home! Without even saying goodbye! Jerk!

VT Classic 2

So, at the end of the Caol Ila Islay Scotch VT Classic, the winners are:

1) Juztin $2940
2) Chuckmonster $960
3) Blackjacker $0
4) MikeE $0
5) JohnH $0
6) Admiral $0

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I suck. I admit it. At least you didn't mention the spilled drink.

Oh wait. Crap.

The Admiral's skills makes Watanabe look like Stanford Wong.

What the fuck's a "frush"?

A "frush" is what you have when you have all of one suit when you pray Tokyo hord 'em..

Frush can also come in Osaka Hi-Ro. It can be beaten by a Fur House or a Loyal Frush in either game. It is important to note that a foul of a kind is not good in Japanese pokel as foul of a kind is dead-man's hand.

As one who has some Japanese brood frowing in the veins, I can say that Dramman is exacry light.

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