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Cosmopolitan TV Ad YouTubed

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 17th October 2010 8:54pm
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Right Amount Of Wrong

As reported, The Cosmopolitan's TV ad debuted during this evening's season finale of AMC's Mad Men. Here it is for your viewing enjoyment.

Verdict? We love it... it contains just the right amount of.... farm animals? and fart bass.

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Comments & Discussion:

It contains the right amount of... fur.

well... its better than Aria's "remember to breath" b.s. lol

I love it! Sexy...

Sadly, all I take away from this TV spot is that they may (or may not) have a cool staircase. I still haven't seen anything but a swankier version of Hard Rock and a bunch of animals.

Are they going for the much coveted "I Can Haz Cheezburger" market segment?

I actually liked Aria's commercials much more than this. This is just BS. Going off of what JohnD said, this is just like the HRH tower at Hard Rock.

I honestly can't find anything to like about Cosmopalitan. It's the size of a horseshoe, the design is fugly, it's going to attract the wrong crowds. I would much rather be staying next door at Aria, or even better, a few steps away at Bellagio or Mandarin Oriental, or best of all, up the street at Wynncore.

This commercial is awful. It is worse than the one for Aria. Not sure what the message is. What we do know is: They may or may not allow pets. Apparently you can have a quasi-bestiality photo shoot in your room. Bell hops don't have pants. Escorts and hookers of all ages will be made available. And they apparently have guys act as furniture and lamp posts. If this is new luxury then I can do without the bell hops with no pants but keep the sheep.

I fuckin' love it! It's luxurious, but fun. It's trying to market itself as something different and unique in the upscale market. The ad is edgy and entertaining. Unlike Aria's ridiculous humorless campaign, I like that Cosmo isn't taking itself so seriously. And you guys shouldn't take it so seriously. Just like their previous tagline, it's NOT for everyone. Either you get the swanky absurdity or you don't. I do, and I think it's brilliant. Well done!

And I can't get that funky baseline outa my head!

I get what they are trying. But it just reminds me of all those "unpretentiously luxurious" videos at Monte Carlo's website. Does nobody else get that vibe?

What were they selling, again? Lewis Black once described this kind of ad before: "They’re extraordinary, they’re like mystery stories! You don’t even know what they’re selling, until the very end. Three rabbits are on a log, and one of them goes home and hangs himself- buy a bike!"

In the future, Vegas ads will be full of such CGIffic crap spawned from art school students's orgasms that the only thing real will be the mattresses. And just like the Aria ads, this makes the property look, well, monochrome as fuck.

They need to stop hiring first year art school students who watch a lot of Lady Gaga videos.

By the way, I get that people here might like this ad, but we know what's being sold ahead of time before we even clicked here.

Imagine you didn't know what the Cosmo is. Did that ad do anything to tell you what they're doing there?

deciphering the metaphors / narrative isn't rocket science. an orgiastic feast taking place in a modern, highly stylized, luxurious hotel which is filled to the brim with sexy, quasi-gothic, depraved decadence that teeters onto the edge of unrealistic depraved fantasy.

we are all animals, some tame, some domesticated and some wild... whatever our stripes a pregnant with debauchery cosmopolitan believes that they can serve us all the 'wrong' (a concept previously known as sin) that we can handle. at the end, the woman 86's (kills) the rabbit as if excising this one teenyweeny piece of "wrong" would restore balance to the experience you may have at the cosmopolitan.

^^ Brilliant ^^

Give them credit for taking chances. Not sure this truly hits the mark, but not a total failure either. I hope they keep trying.

I liked it better when Zakk Wylde was in Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The guy they got now sucks.

It seems to me that the ad begs for discussion and so in it's quasi-bizzare way it works. We do see that the rooms look cool, the hallways coller and that it isnt going to be another cookie cutter resort. The ad vreates just enough of a curiousity factor to get folks to try it out when it opens. Now, if the ad needed anything it was an announcement of the opening date.

Oooh! Kittens! Puppies! I want to stay there!

I think it's at least partially a fun tip of the hat to Mad Men and the old-time ad adage that babies, puppies, kittens, and sex can sell anything. That, and a true testament to whatever psychedelic drugs were floating around the ad agency that produced it.

I kind of loved the ad itself, although from a standpoint as a campaign starter and for 'introducing' the resort I kind of hate it. If that makes any sense.

I like the slogan, although I'm not sure if the ad doesn't actually have too much 'wrong' in it, which is kind of overwhelming.

The problem I have with it though is that there just isn't anything about the Cosmopolitan from seeing the ad. It was fun, visual, and alluring, but it's a joke, not an ad. And in my opinion that works far better after you've introduced your product rather as the introduction.

I think they did a great job. They avoided the kind of overwrought pretentiousness that sank the Aria intro ad while still conveying sophistication, elegance, fun, and the kind of appealing erotic kinkiness we're all down for, at least in our own fevered minds.

On second viewing I noticed the 50s-era jingle that breaks in to accompany the puppies and kittens. A Mad Men homage indeed? In any event, it says "We're fun and not too serious about ourselves" which is much more appealing than Aria's chest-thumping "Prepare to be left speechless by our greatness" or whatever it was they said.

Well by the looks of these comments, it sure is controversial. So I guess that's a good thing. Wonder how much if any of this was shot inside the hotel. The decor reminds me a bit of what I've seen at the City Of Dreams in Macau.

do you think the bunny is a veiled shot at the palms/playboy club?

I can't wait to stay here and get my free kitten!!!

It's not a bad ad. I liked the cheekiness of it. They're trying to establish that were not the typical Las Vegas hotel. It's almost as if they're trying to say "we're the HRH" for the over 30 crowd.

One thing to note is that over half of the viewers of Mad Men earn over $100K a year. This ad is aimed directly at those viewers.

I like the cats. They should have hired this one:

[a href="http://www.gamespot.com/users/LarkAnderson/view_image?id=a9UA5kwl7hqb5xrikA"]This is why we can't have nice things.[/a]

At least it's different. And "Just the right amount of wrong" is so much better than {Clever Ad Copy Goes Here}. Can someone head down to the airport connector and change those billboards? Before afternoon drivetime?

I could care less about the gluttony, the bunnies, or the male prostitution. I just want that f*cking staircase. And maybe the human candelabras; yeah, those would be kind of cool, too.

What will they call the buffet...Friskies? I've long thought that national advertising for Las Vegas should appeal to Vegas virgins and should acknowledge that gambling is part of the package. That ad doesn't do either. Is the pool indoors?

For those curious, none of the ad was shot on-premise. Not much of a surprise but worth noting.

vespajet posted on Monday, 18th October 2010 - 11:11 am
One thing to note is that over half of the viewers of Mad Men earn over $100K a year. This ad is aimed directly at those viewers.

What? Oh, I'm way too poor to enjoy Mad Men as much as I do.

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