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Pencil: Should We Stay At Aria Again?

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 14th October 2010 3:26am
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I'd rather go to the dentist than stay at Aria again. Even though my dentist painfully grinds his way from my teeth to my wallet and back again, at least he smiles at me when I come and go. Not to mention dabbing my drool.

At some point, I'm going to have to stay at Aria again. I've promised the greater VT community that we will give her a go one more time before publishing the full on definitive review of the joint. Based on the last trip and the flood of feedback we've gotten from our fellow trippers, I'm hesitant to waste another vacation dealing with bad service, technological snafutti, overpriced everything and the worst selection of slots in Vegas.

So whats a dorque to do when confronted with such an issue? Why, get out the pencil and crunch some data of course. Six or so months ago, we noted that Aria was getting clobbered on Yelp, which resulted in MGM honcho Jim Murren talking online hotel ratings & reviews with the Las Vegas Sun less than a week later.

Well, the time has come to check in on how $5M in strategically placed shrubbery and employee retraining has pushed the needle as far as online ratings and reviews go. To aid in our analysis, we've snagged the Yelp ratings/reviews data from our original discussion and thrown them into a spreadsheet with data scraped from the site a few hours ago.

Yelp Ratings for Aria

At first glance, It appears that ARIA has turned a customer satisfaction corner. Since June 1st, when the average ratings was dead on 3 stars, ARIA has made steady gains in their ratings, with the distribution steadily steaming towards 3.5 stars, possibly even five.

Yelp Aria

Ratings have solidly gained in the four and five star category and slightly decreased in 3, 2 and 1 star ratings. When older, early reviews start to drop off the Yelp scale, we'll probably be seeing ARIA solidly in the 4 star ratings category.

Yelp Aria

Looking at the percentage change between the June and October data reveals that Aria has converted many 3 star voters to 4 star voters and some 1 star haters to deuces or better. The needle is moving... not dramatically, but almost enough to make the snake bit consumer wonder if an "all clear" flare might be on the way.

Even with solid gains in customer satisfaction, I'm still incredibly hesitant to pull the trigger on staying at ARIA again in the near future. Adding a resort fee doesn't help the ARIA's case.

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Comments & Discussion:

I've stayed there 3 times and each visit has gotten progressively better, on the last visit the only problems I encountered were two minor issues that were quickly resolved, on top of that I found the service to be very good with 2 bartenders at View Bar remembering me from my last visit and a very helpful check-in clerk that showed us floor plans of various suites when we wanted to upgrade.

That said, I've never paid more than $79 a night and most of the nights have been free, so I am not sure I'd pay full price to stay there.

I didnt have a great first experiance when I stayed there in January/Feb. However I went to their casino on my most recent trip a couple months ago and had a good time. I was offered a rate of 109 with a 50 credit so I decided to give them another try for a night when I go out there next month. If they have half as many issues as they did in Feb I wont be staying there again. When I go on vacation I hate being bothered with technology issues or dealing with iggnorant staff.

Aria Experience Summarized:

Dec 2009 5 nights --- pretty bad to brutally bad
July 2010 3 nights --- decent to pretty good
October 2010 5 nights --- pretty good to really good

I would say the most recent stay was almost faultless. The only problem was the slow moving line at check-in. After that it was basically perfection. I was high on the place pre-open, beat her like a dog after my first experience. Now I've got to give props where due. They gave service that was equal to what I received in Encore Tower Suites. The only remaining issues are VERY minor technical snafus. The housekeeping service and room service were quick, polite, and accurate the few times we made requests. The pool was crowded but we always found chairs for our group and received timely but not overbearing cocktail service. The video poker bars where we spent a lot of our time served us in a superior manner....ie lighting cigarettes spontaneously as we pulled them from pack, serving our 4th member comp drinks while 3 of us played, etc. The sports grill or whatever offered to bring my order out to me at the bar. Nice touch. The host service was outstanding. The shower was hot and strong. The shitter flushed properly. They gave us our two queen bed room and put our buddy just 4 doors down the hall. They didn't boot me out for puking in the elevator. They did an override to give us better seats at the earlier Elvis show which we really enjoyed. The buffet, although not containing much variety, was of high quality.

The rate of improvement seems to be going up but I will wait for the final review before considering booking rooms here.

I was seriously debating booking two nights there at the end of January during their recent offer as the rates for the two nights were slightly more expensive than the room I had already booked for those two nights at the Golden Nugget (Gold Club Luxury room). The $100 resort credit included in the offer did take the sting out of that new resort fee.

I may still keep an eye on room rates and any Aria offers that come my way in the next few months and possibly stay on the Strip all four nights.

Why would anyone stay at Aria? Wynn always has great service and comparable rates. Sure thing.

Lately Wynncore rates have been significantly higher, at least from what I have seen. However I agree in general I have no problem paying a premium for Wynncore due to the experiance.

my answer was location. and level of play. I'm not playing high enough to get more than an occasional 2-3 nights from Encore. my friends are staying more Flamingo/Bally's of late. Service gap is closing to a reasonable level for the price difference, A lot of the value in Aria has to be assumed that you like Bellagio and P.Ho, the other nearby properties that can be fun to visit. Also the value of food options is better in the Mandarin triangle.

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