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Architectural Digest Unveils Steve Wynn's Latest Digs

By MikeE on Thursday, 14th October 2010 12:50am
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Terrence Watanabe took residency at Wynn Las Vegas for a year. Yes, an entire year. He actually went on vacation from his vacation. His 'house guests' were Wynn's guests. He called Fairway Villa 101 home shortly after those units received a full overhaul. The 3200 square foot residence wasn't the biggest suite in the joint (that space was given to his sister and friends when they came to town) but it certainly had the best view. This all came to an end when he finally met the landlord and Wynn considered him unfit to make five-figure decisions for hours on end.

After parting ways with Elaine and moving out of the massive units linked above, Wynn must've taken a little inspiration from Watanabe's yearlong residency in Villa 101. So much inspiration, in fact, that he moved in. After yet another overhaul - one which included knocking down ceilings to connect Villa 201 overhead - Steve made the ultimate abode for himself and Andrea. This month's Architectural Digest has the goods.

Phew!! And I was beginning to have some major Roger Thomas withdrawals!

To call the aesthetic bold is an understatement - blue and purple walls meant to highlight the rotating collection of art. It works beautifully with Lichtenstein and Picasso, but something tells me that when Rembrandt's self-portrait moves in, so might the cream and brown replacement wall coverings.

The residence is surprisingly tame in the opulence department; Thomas is casual and relaxed likely having taken inspiration from the restraint (relatively speaking, of course) exercised by Todd-Avery Lenahan in his übersuites at Encore. Don't believe me? I can write a thesis on the similarities of these mind-bogglingly beautiful staircases. Thomas and Lenahan: separated at birth.

Wynn Villa Architectural Digest

Personally, I'm lusting at the amount of Hermes, Brioni, and ultra-coveted Louis Vuitton hardcase luggage in Wynn's mancloset.

Drool on!


Comments & Discussion:

Never knew that Watanabe lived a year at Wynn. Amazing.
The Architectural Digest photos of Steve's new home are stunning, but the corner dining area bothers me, as it also does in the Salon Suite. A corner bench with only two chairs makes me think of a breakfast nook one would find in a Levvittown home. Yeah, I know, I'm being unreasonably petty.

The last time I heard of someone 'Moving in' on that spot of land for an extended stay he ended up owning it, and 5 other nearby properties.

Nice to see La Reve hanging up in the dining room. I guess that's an expensive reminder for him.....

I cant think of any place I'd rather live...

What year did Terrence Watanabe take residence their,because its my understanding Steve Wynn kicked him out after realizing he was an alcoholic and compulsive gambler.

apparantly architects don't play much golf since they can't tell a tee from a green. pretty sure i didn't hit my driver off that waterfall, but rather towards a green in front of it. perhaps they re-routed the course.

Pdogg, 2006/07-ish. Wynn left Caesars with his table scraps.

As a PR/communications person myself, I have to tip my hat to Wynn's PR folks. Wynn and Thomas and, now, Alex are in Architectural Digest and Wine Spectator all the freakin' time, the subjects of these gushing features. I'm not sure if they're just comping the hell out of the editorial staffs or what, but feature stories like this surely resonate with potential Vegas visitors more than any ads could.

Las Vegas Weekly reports that that Lichtenstein is on the block at Christie's in about four days. Bummer.

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