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More Details Emerge On Cosmo's China Poblano

By JohnH on Wednesday, 13th October 2010 12:47pm
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China Poblano

When the Cosmopolitan announced its restaurant line-up back in March, the one restaurant that undoubtedly confounded all of us was Chef Jose Andres' Sino-Mexicano hybrid concept, China Poblano. Yes, we all knew it was going to be neat that Vegas was finally going to get Andres' Jaleo and some of Scott Conant's red onion-free Scarpetta, but China Poblano was and remains Cosmo's mystery, its unknown quantity.

Well thanks to a brand spankin' new New York Times profile, we finally have a few details on what it is exactly the Mexican-Chinese restaurant is going to be like (If you could care less about the restaurant, give the thing a read for the profile of Andres' astounding creative process alone). And after reading that piece, whether or not you're turned on by, or mildly interested in the thought of an Asian reinterpretation of Pico de Gallo, you have to admit that this place will be interesting to say the least.

Because, let's be honest, the thought of dueling dumpling and tortilla stations, a "Tres Lychees" tres leches cake, and an average $40 dinner check all result in this place eventually becoming the new "You're gonna have to see this place to believe it!" restaurant in town.

Moving onto another point, though, has anyone else considered the fact that outside of China Poblano, Cosmo doesn't really have a high end Chinese place to fill out its "Restaurant Collection?" Sure, Blossom at Aria did set a bit of a precedent by not being so expensively exclusive that you can barely afford the lemon chicken * cough * Wing Lei * cough *, but it's still a relaxing, secluded joint - much like Wing Lei, Jasmine, and Fin before it - for those reclusive baccarat players.

China Poblano, on the other hand, wants to be for Cosmo what Wazuzu is for Encore: that dynamic, unexpected Asian-Fusion bistro. The only real problem? Encore has Wing Lei at Wynn to lean on just in case Jet Tila's take on Mongolian Beef is just a bit too.... alright. Suffice it to say, if people want themselves some traditional Chinese cooking, Encore can just point them over to its sister property.

Cosmo doesn't exactly have that luxury and will only have this one quasi-Chinese place instead, and I'm not so sure that's going to fly with people who just want some simple, overpriced Kung Pao Chicken. Food for thought.

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Chuck, it's pretty clear that you must watch just as much "Chopped" as I'm forced, er, as my wife and I enjoy together.

Oops, I meant John H!

Man, I'm looking forward to this place -- Jose Andres is a key member of my culinary Fantasy Cooking League team. I'll even put up with the pain of going to Washington DC on business because while there I can go to Oyamel and treat my jet lag with guacamole, al pastor tacos, and margaritas. And don't even get me started on Minibar....

If China Poblano actually has an image of Mao Tse-Tung in the restaurant, not only will I not set foot in the place, I won't enter Cosmopolitan.

Detroit, I felt the same way about all Federal buildings in this country a few years back.

Nice to see some love for my hometown restaurant scene. Jose's also got a place called Zaitinya up the street from Jaleo DC that does pan-med stuff.

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