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Bargain? Mirage $800/nt

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 12th October 2010 4:41am
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Time to break out the tinfoil construction hats... Aria has sold out one night in October and the Mirage is charging $800/night on the night of the Vegas Podcast-A-Palooza.

Mirage 800

No, it ain't a typo... unless the typo went to Hotels.com as well:

Mirage 800

Might it be time to call an end to The Golden Age of Vegas Visitation?

And roll back those ripoff resort fees too.... unless you're supposed to charge extra for pubes.

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meanwhile Bellagio and Wynn are both less than $300? The best question is, would somebody actually PICK the Mirage and ignore the rest?

Every time I almost begin possibly feeling an inkling of what might pass for sympathy for the LV hotels in this downturn I'm reminded that these same hotels will gouge you through the eyes and out the ass with red hot pokers and laugh while doing it, on those nights when they're nearly sold out.

At least, to their credit, they list the much lower rates at the other MGM properties right on the same reservations page. You're going to have to REALLY want to stay at Mirage to make that reservation.

That is the rate for the 1-bedroom penthouse suite. The other room types are sold out.

Yeah hotel rates are creeping up again. They're starting to slowly raise the bar. Which means I'll never be able to afford my pimp Augustus Suite again...or a room at Wynn.
People better get on it soon.

I think that the price is in anticipation of my one-man nude robot dancing show that will be happening at the BB King Blues Club at approximately 3:27 in the am of that evening. It will be a hot ticket and every room will be sold. I don't know how they found out about the performance, but I commend them on their vigilance!

Most of this is just seasonal - fall rates are set completely differently than summer rates, October and November calendars are built around convention dates and group rate blocks that contractually can't be undersold.

As for Saturday the 30th, LeoNYC is right that the standard rooms are simply sold out, and they are asking $800 for a suite.

Have no fear, the usual bargains are coming for December, particularly the week of the 12th - I got an offer today from Mandalay Bay for $59/nt with $25 slot play and $100 resort credit.

1. It is Halloween weekend. When Podcast-A-Palooza was announced, I was quite surprised to see the weekend chosen. Were New Years Eve and Labor Day not available? On the flip side, the high-demand weekend makes the special rates available to attendees for the event even more prized. I'd tout the hell out of that.

2. As per the hotels gouging (per ADR's), it is simply supply and demand. Nothing more, nothing less. Per resort fees? I hate them, have spoken out against them. Given the host property company, I suggest the theme of 2010 Podcast-A-Palooza be "Harrah's Properties Have No Resort Fees".

Side note: I'm a few episodes behind on some of the podcasts in question, so forgive me if that thought has already been offered.

3. Yes, the "golden age" where high-end rooms are cheap will be slowly coming to an end. When CityCenter and Wynn and Echelon where announced, I was flooded with "OMG, Vegas will be way to expensive" emails. I went on record as noting that what would really happen is that these high end resorts (at least the ones that got built) wouldn't be able to charge high-end rates. And that visitors would be able to stay in a really, really, really nice room for a pittance (at least as compared to what the room would cost in another city). I was right.

On the flip side, stabilization of room rates will force the douchbags back to places like the Imperial Palace. You can't have it both ways. Either you have affordable rooms at Wynncore and other higher end places with the places all douched up, or you have the room rates reverting back to where it was a high-end privilege to enjoy such posh accommodations. You pay the price for it, but you don't have to deal with the riff-raff.

I won't lie: Las Vegas is starting to rebound more quickly than I expected. If this trend continues, don't be surprised to see Fblu open prior to 2014. Keep in mind that it is built out. They just need 1.5 billion (not much today, think about it) to put some walls in and replace the (soon-to-be-dated) stuff they sold to the Union Plaza.

Damn... I should have made this my own blog post. But... I'm a big fan of ChuckTripping. Love how you dig deep on the analysis, and take some stuff to the edge. Major credit to where credit is due.

WTF? Am I the only one that noticed that the SUNSET STATION is running more than Wynn, Encore or Bellagio? Sunset should be glad anyone even knows about them and is willing to pay even $25 a night for the prestige of staying in (Ahem) Henderson!

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