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By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 12th October 2010 1:41pm
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Palms owner (for now) George Maloof got busted for DWI last night, amongst other things, he blew a 0.087.

Maloof DWI Mug Shot

A PR flackey released an official statement which included a snippet from The Porcelain Prayer : "it won't happen again."

What won't happen, the 'getting drunk' part, the 'driving home' part or the 'getting busted' part?

More from The Sun.

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Comments & Discussion:

You know, when you own a fleet of lime green limos, this really shouldn't happen.

Could they lose their gaming licence over this?

Hell, I'll toast any man who can push a 0.87 and still.... breath.

Seriously, sounds like he was driving like a jackass, which is kinda dumb when you gotta know you're borderline, which he was at 0.087.

You'd think he would learn from his friend Paris. The "among other things" was an expired license and failure to produce proof of insurance. For such a boneheaded move, I'm hoping for a 90 day suspension and mandatory public community service. George and the family has never been shy about using the Palms cars, Hell, Mama Maloof commandeers two Escalades to drive her back and forth from Sacramento when she thinks the weather is too bad to fly...which is often. I'd love to see one of those "Over the Limit, Under Arrest" commercials with George sitting in a sports car full of Jack Daniels and playing cards.

Other things to consider...George was booked and released quickly. Could this be another case of special treatment just before the Sheriff's election? When I got my dewie, I was in the holding tank for over 20 hours, despite posting bail.

George blew a .087, which according to him is "slightly over the legal limit" or in other words "illegal." I wonder what will happen when the blood test comes back. If he had a drink right before leaving the wedding the blood work may show a higher bac...then again, the blood work may reveal something else entirely. Without going into great detail...George's favorite Olympic events are Alpine sports, if you get my (snow)drift.

"Without going into great detail...George's favorite Olympic events are Alpine sports, if you get my (snow)drift."

"We called it 'blow'.."

How does someone with an executive assistant let their license expire? If you can keep track of your paperwork well enough to get a license to own and operate a casino from the Gaming Control Board, you should be able to figure out a way make sure your license isn't expired.

How does the guy get on an airplane without a current gov't ID? Does he carry his passport around everywhere with him? Seems like it'd be a big hassle.

Good points Dave, I figure he may fly private though.

George has several assistants, and his long-time right hand, Jon Gray, has an assistant of his own. What are these people doing to earn 6 figures a year?

I forgot to mention the first thing my dad said to me when I was arrested..."Let's not kid ourselves. It's not likely this is the first time you've driven drunk, just the first time you've been caught."

technically speaking, govt id is not required for flying

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