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Bend Over, The Aria Resort Fee Is Coming For Christmas

By JohnH on Tuesday, 5th October 2010 7:58pm
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A month ago, we told you that Aria would soon be charging a daily resort fee. Well, hot on the heels of charging for your extra queen bed, that time has come... is coming...is about to come.

Starting Dec. 6 of this year - just in time for everyone headed up to Vegas for the inconceivably popular National Finals Rodeo, mind you - Aria will begin charging a daily resort fee of $22.40. Yeah, you read that correctly.


Aria, a resort that not one lucid, mildly intelligent human being on earth - outside of Jim Murren, but come on - would even consider as being in the same sport as Wynn or Encore Las Vegas, let alone in the same league as those two resorts, is going to not only charge a resort fee for its small-by-even-2004-standards room, but said fee is going to be $2.40 more than what you're going to be mandatorily charged for a much larger, and in some cases, recently renovated room at Wynn Las Vegas.


And what is it you're going to get for that $22.40? You've got the standard list of freebies - in-room internet, in-room local and toll-free calls (as if anybody who goes to Vegas anymore doesn't already have a cell and/or smartphone sitting in their pocket), daily newspaper, airline boarding pass printing - and some of the Wynncore-centric amenities - fitness center access--are included. As well, the always alluring, persistently elusive "two welcome cocktails" used to make any unsuspecting idiot valued Aria guest think they're getting some sort of deal are there. And last but not least, there is a first of its kind "free campus-wide wireless internet" that we have to be honest and say does sound pretty cool.

To be honest, though, the discussion we all need to be having isn't whether or not you can get your money's worth out of the fee; it's whether or not Aria is worth an extra $2.40 more than, by almost all accounts, the nicest joints in town. Is it? I certainly don't think so, most people I speak to don't think so, and if current room rate and discount promotion trends are to be believed, the Las Vegas tourist base doesn't seem to think so either. What, then, could possibly lead MGM to think that its customer service disaster-filled, nearly bankrupt albatross is a resort that is worth more than its fiercest of competition? Greed? Ignorance? Desperation? Discuss.

Finally, a warning note: As if abysmal service and poor pedestrian traffic weren't enough to get us to make a general recommendation that you stay anywhere other than Aria, this new resort fee just fans the flame of our "Really, stay at Bellagio" fire. Whether the resort is a deal or not is irrelevant here. What's relevant is that Aria wants to take more additional monies out of your pocket per night than Wynn Las Vegas without providing a level of service comparable to that resort.

Now, I know that many will write this off by saying that, in most instance, Wynn and Encore charge considerably more for their base room rates than Aria, but this isn't about the free market forces that drive room rates. At its most fundamental core, this is about a resort charging more than its more respected peers and giving less than those peers. That is unacceptable, and on that principal alone, do not stay at Aria after December 6, 2010. The Cosmopolitan would be more than happy to have you.

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Countdown until Harrah's starts touting, "Did you hear that another resort [which despite all its problems is far better than anything we can ever dream to accomplish] is charging resort fees?!"

i'll take the under on one hour from now.

Countdown until 473 other blogtards copy this news as their own and don't send links back to us.

I refuse to pay it unless the cocktails are shot out and mixed by Lumia.

Countdown until Chuck whines about others when he's been stealing content and story ideas from better sites like Rex's old blog for years. Rube.

Yeah, the blog that claimed there was a "hole" on the top floor of THEhotel. LOLerz.

One thing to keep in mind regarding the campus-wide Internet - if you use it for a trip and then next time you're not a guest but you do visit, it won't work anymore (obviously) but your phone will likely still remember being associated with the network.

Your phone won't know it's a dead connection and will just silently fail when it tries to check email, etc... This happened to me yesterday, just FYI.

The $22.40 at Aria includes tax, which is 12%. This makes it exactly the same as Wynncore - $20 Resort Fee + $2.40 Tax.

Chris is correct, but I agree this fee is very disappointing. It provides roughly the Wynncore level of 'your-resort-fee-gets-you-the-following,' but the use of resort fees to make the rooms themselves look artificially cheaper is unpleasant.

That said, until this fee comes in, Aria is a great deal.

Wow. As much as I enjoyed my stay at Aria earlier this year, they have lost me as a customer. I've recently received far better offers from other MGM hotels, and I'll gladly avail myself of them before I even consider paying twenty dollars a night for shit that I will never, ever, use.

@vtcts suck my balls.

If I recall correctly from my opening night stay, internet was $17 on its own. And with the crappy cell reception inside, the campus wide wifi+google voice might actually be a better way to stay in touch with people!

What Mike said. However, Aria has a clever @reply: "Stay at a Harrah's resort and you MIGHT survive the fire." Also, what Eric said was funny.

I really, really wanted to stay at Aria when she first opened, but I just cannot justify it any longer. Mandarin Oriental is truly the best thing going out of that entire complex. Very sad.


(as in, Bend Over, Here It Comes Again...And Again...And Again)

Ouch...please tell me that there is some Lube included in that $22.40

$22.40? They can't be serious. Yet another reason to never return to Aria and their modern UPS theme.

Hope they have an easier time getting their complimentary beverage then I did at MC.

That sucks...now are they going to be total assholes and charge you the resort fee on a comped room too, that would push me over the edge.

The campuswide wifi will be convenient. When I collapse halfway to Aria from the strip while re-enacting the Bataan Death March, I'll be able to update my facebook status. I wouldn't pay $22.40 for a room at Aria, let alone a resort fee in that amount.

Arbitrarily selected Thurs, Fri, Sat nts, Jan 14-16 at Bellagio. Rates $239, $239 and $199 for total including tax of $758.04. No resort fee.
Clicked on link to Aria for same dates: $239, $239 and $239. Total incl tax $803.04 plus $67.20 for 3 nts resort fee.
Bellagio grand total = $758.24
Aria grand total = $870.24
Would I pay an additional $112 to stay at Aria? No.

^^^^^ bwahahahaha you crack me up....

They have great advertising all along the walkway at P-Ho saying "entering a NO resort fee area" I'm suprised they didn't just add, "unlike across the street"

Resort fees suck, but simply mirror the overall direction of the travel industry. Taxes and fees are the not-so-hidden financial vampire drawing blood from every trip. Resort fees, airport facility charges, security fees, visitor tax, convention center tax, rental car facility charges, concession fees, the list is almost endless. All of being spent wisely, no doubt.

Hi guys... new to the site but enjoying it tremendously! Been visiting Vegas every year for the past eleven now. This new fee is a pain BUT if you stay reguarly with one resort and have made friends with anyone, especially management, try booking through them and mention how much you don't like it. I haven't paid it yet and I will be there in December and won't be paying it then either.

I was at TI a few nights this week. They have a $20 resort fee but what was interesting was that they tell you that you can get a $20 resort credit on your next stay.

Now the resort fee is per night but still, kinda interesting and I haven't heard about anyone else doing it.

"Whether the resort is a deal or not is irrelevant here. What's relevant is that Aria wants to take more additional monies out of your pocket per night than Wynn Las Vegas without providing a level of service comparable to that resort."

I don't see this line of reasoning at all. The only sense in which Aria "wants to take more additional [sic.] monies" is in terms of the resort fee itself; the resort as a whole is cheaper. (Actually, WRT the resort fee that's a misnomer because Aria includes tax in its calculation.) OK. So if we're comparing resort fee-to-resort fee, what does Wynn offer? For the same price, Wynn offers: Phone calls, Internet, two fitness center passes per day. Aria offers: in-room internet, campus-wide internet, phone calls, two fitness center passes, two cocktails, newspapers, boarding pass printing. How is it that Aria is offering less?

Of course, you might say that Aria's "level of service" is not the same. But now you're not comparing just the resort fee-to-resort fee, you're comparing the resort-as-a-whole to resort-as-a-whole. But in that comparison Aria is cheaper (and also has an interior decor that wouldn't make Louis XIV wanna barf---ok, that's just personal preference, but so is any preference for Wynn's decor). So I don't get it.

Just so you guys know Bellaigo will also have a resort fee of $20.00 + tax $2.40 that will start in mid 2011.

What schmucks they are at Harrahs! Here they are bustin' their asses trying to build revenue by ENTICING customers with buffet deals and show deals, when all they have to do is be dickheads and slap on a nightly resort fee on everything. Amateurs!!!

This fee isn't an obvious grab for the tourist wallet! It's Aria's unique way of commemorating 2/2/40, the date that Vegas icon Frank Sinatra debuted with Tommy Dorsey's orchestra. Who says that Vegas has no sense of history?

If you have a resort fee issue, consider contacting the Las Vegas law firm of LVC Law Group. (702) 835-6966.

Guys you're all missing the huge benefit (insert sarcasm here)...since cell phone coverage is abysmal in Aria rooms, you might actually benefit from the free local calls (and wifi if you phone can make calls over wifi)!

What a joke!!! These resort fees are disaster.

Aria does seem to be providing a little higher level of service despite themselves. Typing this from Aria actually (internet $42 for 72 hours).

Upon arrival at airport Thursday the Aria house limo picked us up despite my having cancelled the reservation including that service to use a cheaper Aria mailer offer that did not include limo. When he dropped us off at the front and I offered the bellman $10 NOT to take our luggage lest I sit in my room all night waiting, he actually stayed with us throughout check-in. Encore Tower Suites-esque indeed.

All the checkin stations were manned. Of course it took 30 min for each person to checkin. But on our turn the lady took myself and my buddy and checked us in seperately, yet simultaneously into rooms 4 doors apart and with the proper two queen beds. Pretty heady stuff for Aria.

Then at the bar later the bartender was lighting peoples cigarettes and very efficient with excellent drink suggestions for the 21 yr old girls we import to roll the bones.

Most impressive however was the host who found me via my players card at a machine and stopped by to mention that my reservation had been improperly coded under my offer, she was making the necessary changes, and to be sure to verify the upfront comp items were removed before check out or to call her personal cell if I have any problems. I am pretty low level player for that attention.

These few items reminded me specifically of the level of service at Encore Tower Suites.

The death march from our rooms to our buddies staying across the street at P.Ho reminds me more of my work commute on a bad day than anything.

Aria, despite its fatal inherent physical flaws and historically bad service and computer issues has improved the service level.

Most importantly I think we should focus on the fact its not quite as fancy as Wynn which for some people, say a dbag who might puke on an elevator, it could be more comfortable. I look forward to seeing Aria portrayed on the History Channel in its "Life After People" series once Cosmo opens.

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