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Cosmopolitan's Extravagant Advertising Campaign

By MikeE on Monday, 4th October 2010 10:15am
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Stevezie twice shot commercials for his casinos perched atop his buildings. Factor in helicopters, safety equipment, several piece orchestra soundtrack, and Brett Ratner, and you're looking at a truly ridiculous budget for a coupla commercials. And yet despite no nationally airing television ads, Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has far surpassed the advertising budget of both Wynn's blockbusters. Just how much did their advertising cost? Ooooooh somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.6 BILLION!

You see, check out these room tours that Cosmo recently posted. Notice something funny?

Gorgeous, huh? We've already established that. But the beauty of the interior design pales in comparison to the view of Bellagio's fountains which FOUR out of the five videos feature. Jebus, they're not even shy about it. I mean, sure, Paris's Mon Ami Gabi probably wouldn't exist had it not been for the fountains, and yeah, Planet Hollywood charges you more for a room with a view of them - there's no secret about this. But dammit, Cosmo is emblazoning this view into people brains so purposefully that I'm starting to think that A) many who don't get this view are going to be pissed and/or B) Cosmo will start charging extra for it. 'Wraparound Terrace Fountain View Suite' anyone?

Oh, and if you think that's not enough Bellagio dickpunching of Vegas's Grand Dame becoming the glamour shot staple of every Cosmo publicity photo, check out how beautifully the conservatory's skylights frame their logo. Yes, that photo is courtesy of CEO Mr. @JohnUnwin himself.

And you know what? It's absolutely brilliant advertising. I can't even imagine how much this rubs MGM head honchos the wrong way.


Comments & Discussion:

just as long as we don't get anything like the ads they did for CC. The "Camp Vegas" ads for this last summer worked, IMO. I hate nightclubs but those had me wanting to hit them up.

Reportedly, this is why The Steve hid the Lake of Dreams and other goodies from The Strip with a "mountain". He'd had it with his competitors getting fat selling upcharged rooms with views of his volcano/boat show/fountains.

You make an excellent point, MikeE, with regard to the fact that some who shell out the dough for a Reacharound Terrace Suite are going to get stuck with an eyefull of SchittyCenter.

I still think the bedding @ Cosmo looks like it came off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship

I'd be a lot more impressed at the advertising campaign if their billboards had something on them besides "{Clever ad copy goes here}."

Dave702 - I agree, every time I see that billboard by the airport, I think to myself "Yeah, it does go there - so WTF is it?" Are they trying to get me excited for a hip luxury resort on the strip, or just trying to make me nod smugly at their attempt at freshman-level irony? Fail on both counts.

If one of the copy writers came to Don Draper and suggested {Clever ad copy goes here} as an ad, they'd be walking out of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce with their belongings in a cardboard box.

It's as bad as Aria's "Words will fail you".

I will give them props for the sign placement though.

Yeah, even something trite would be better than that. How about...

"December is almost here"


"Christmas is coming 10 days early this year"

Not great, I'll admit, but at least it gets the message across that something neat is happening in December.

my guess is that they know that an advertising slogan is a no-win situation.

or they read vt and know what we'll do to them if it stinks.

The blanker the canvas, the less chance that they get painted into a corner....

They do charge extra. It's a 'premium view' upgrade for some of the rooms. IMO- if you don't pay for the premium it's not worth it. It's the only place besides Bellagio IMO- that is worth the extra cost for the premium view.

"You see, check out these room tours that Cosmo recently posted. Notice something funny?"
-Yes, books.

Eh. The rooms don't really make me want to fuck in them.

But what do the ladies think? Ladies, would these rooms drop your panties?

Cosmopolitan's new advertising slogan: "Ladies, drop your panties here"

That Cosmo sign hanging over the conservatory seems like it was designed to send MGM suits running to the bargaining table to hash out a deal.

The only way they could afford it, though, would be another joint venture with someone. But I can't think of anyone who can afford to buy a piece of it with them except Phil Ruffin, and he'd probably demand The Mirage in the event MGM can not buy his portion after a period of time. MGM would have to bet that they will be in better straights by then, Ruffin needs not care since his investment will have returned to him either in the form of cash or a large property.

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