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Mini Tycoon Casino : Farmville For Casino Dorques

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 1st October 2010 10:46am
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No doubt all of you have been barraged by "please water my crops" and "Mary Jo just found a brown fox on her farm" messages by your Farmville addicted friends on Facebook. It wouldn't bother me if these messages came from interesting people, but generally... they're posted endlessly by people from high school that I barely knew and definitely didn't like 25 years ago. Hence, I quit Facebook two years ago. Cast off those shackles and be gone!

Well... now it looks like payback time is here. An outfit called SGN is planning to build a social game that is a mash up of the old Casino Tycoon desktop game and Farmville. With a little help from Mafia Wars, we'll be able to build our casinos on top of strategically targeted Facebook friends' Farmville's. That, is what I call social gaming.

Anyways, Mini Tycoon operates in similar way to its forefathers, you start with a small casino with only a little "TyCoins" a currency you can earn by growing your casino or by buying with real $$. When you get TyCoins you buy slot machines, craps tables, decor and move them around your casino floor until you've maximized your revenue and make all of your customers happy.

In this world, you are best friends with the other casino owners (HA!) and hop on over to help them earn money (HAHAHA!). "Hey Steverino, me, Ace, Sheldon and Jimbo are gonna stop by and water your poker slots... will you play my craps later? Kthx."

If only.

Thanks to VT reader MiddleClassBuzz for the tip.

Anyways, if such a thing interests you... which it should, sorta, Mini Tycoon: Casino will be released for iPhone shortly... we will post an update when it is released, but only if you agree to water my Pai Gow.

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Golden Nugget also has a game for Facebook. I'm not sure how Mini Tycoon Casino works, but I imagine it's in the same vein.

Jimbo probably won't play your craps later- maybe he'll tend to your pocket park?

This looks a lot better than the GN game, though I can't judge the gameplay from the screen shot and, alas, I don't have time to "research" this right now.

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