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Cosmo Interior Peekaboo: Va Bene, Holstein's and China Poblano

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 30th September 2010 3:00pm
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Our trusty info ferret Mac2112 has uncovered a bunch more interior renderings of the restaurants coming to Cosmopolitan when it opens on December 15th. Included are quick coffee/pastries joint Va Bene, a "burger concept" called Holstein's and Chef Jose Andres' much discussed Chinese/Mexican mash up China Poblano.

Va Bene

Va Bene translates to "It's all good" from the native Italian. We'll let you know if their double shot extra hot no foam soy latte's are just that.

Is that Hasselhoff staring at the lights? Don't walk into the glass wall.

Love the hanging wall/table design. Very cool.


We predict that the opening of this will cause Aria to close one of their restaurants and turn it into a burger joint, as there is none of America's favorite food inside CityCenter... unless you count the sliders they serve at Union.

Party of one?

Nouveau gothic/industrial? Gasp... take that you modernists!

That is definitely David Hasselhoff. Love those pants.

China Poblano

Chairman Mao, Chita Rivera, Dalai Lama, Jaime A. Escalante. Yeah, we get it... Dragon Noodle meets Gonzalez Y Gonzalez. Playful, fun, spicy... and there's Hasselhoff again, staring at the ceiling.

Should you get a bustle in your hedgerow, take solace on this stairway to enchiladas.

Thanks for the find mac.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm diggin just about everything about Cosmo at the moment. The rooms are a little "Meh" and not the industrial goth I was hoping for. I really hope they keep the animal print chairs in the casino like I saw in earlier renderings. Animal print is just the raciness that Vegas needs in a modern day casino.

Holstein's kind of looks like the TARDIS. That's a good thing.

Re: China Poblano. I would not want to eat my lunch with one of the worst mass murderers of the 20th century smiling down at me.

You would think the Hoff would be laying on the floor at the burger joint.....

Very interesting dining options indeed.

Dalek servers would be rad!

That would be cool--so would the Tenth Planet cybermen:
Just don't bring any flashlights.

(and here, at about 4:10)

I'm gobbling up anything I can get on Cosmo these days! Keep sharing Cosmo!...oh and vegastripping ;)

Is that dude at the sushi bar making a spring clean for the May queen?

If I see animal print in this fucking place, I will kick a sack of puppies off the pool deck.

I think the new uncaring and intentionally shocking animal cruelty move in Vegas would be to LEAVE a sack of puppies on the pool deck.

Man.. The place is haunted!!

I think things would look better of they left the 'ghosts' out of the drawings. Cosmo is looking better with each passing day.

Hey ghosts need a place to hang out too. Might be a lot of them some day.

Hey, there's a reason why you don't see many casino hotels with upper-floor open-balcony rooms.

My Cosmo slogan: Stay, play, and stand out of the way.

I'm thinking that it is more the Ghost of Swayze.
Animal print? Really?? Oy vey.

Earlier renderings of the casino showed cheetah and zebra print table chairs. But everything else was "ultra modern and sleek" for the most part. It actually looked really good together. Then again I have a thing for semi-tackiness.

The Cosmopolitan LV Youtube channel has added a few videos of the actual rooms. Check it out:

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