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RateVegas Launches VegasQuiz for iPhone

By JohnH on Monday, 27th September 2010 9:30pm
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Yeah, yeah we know. "But this has been in the App Store for the last X days." Well, not everyone is tuned into the Twittersphere, @mtc @BrianFey @Mike_E's_taint valued reader.

So for all of you out there who aren't updating the world with your stock advice status at all times, we just wanted to send out a friendly little reminder that our good friend and proprietor of RateLaughlin.com, Adm. Hunter Hillegas, has formally launched his super fun, Vegas-related time killer, VegasQuiz for iPhone.

Tired of playing Angry Birds and want to challenge your medulla oblongata in a new and very Vegas-y way? VegasQuiz is your solution. You'll be asked to determine where in Vegas a multitude of various photos were taken. It's just like Vegas Today and Tomorrow's photo quiz of yore, but only much, much cooler.

Sound easy? Some of them are, but others, not so much. I keep getting stuck on whether or not one of the photos is the backside of a Caesars Palace pedestrian bridge or the Bathhouse at theHotel. Challenging, stimulating, time wasting. What else could you want from an app? So, if you're in search of the fun that all of the cool kids are partaking in, just hop on over to your local Apple App Store and download yourself an unlimited amount of fun. (Consumer disclaimer: Fun, for all intents and purposes, is not unlimited. There are a large-but-finite number of photos in VegasQuiz that will be randomized so as to give the appearance of said unlimited fun. Please enjoy responsibly.)

VegasQuiz for iPhone is a Free Download.

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Comments & Discussion:

Thanks John!

Expect an update pretty soon with a ton of new photos, intended to extend the large-but-finite amount of fun currently available.

And for those of us that aren't Ifollowers but BlackSheeple?

shouldn't you be drinking bourbon somewhere?

This BlackSheeple owns an iPod touch, so we just downloaded it for it.

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