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Neato: Harrah's Market Calendar

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 27th September 2010 11:15am
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While MGM's International Mirage Resorts Inc continued playing catch up to 2004 technology by adding a "see other MGM Properties" bit to their reservation app, Harrah's leapfrogged further ahead of them with a phenomenal "Market Calendar" tool.

Now, before we get barraged with a pile of "they launched this three weeks, three days, three months ago" comments, allow me to say that we just became aware of this thanks to an incredibly thoughtful "Change Browser To See What You're Missing" message posted on Harrah's reservations app. Twas very thoughtful of The Borg for notifying us Safari / Chrome users about a whole slew of reservation tools that we've been missing.

Anyhoo - check this neato thing out, I think they call it the "Market Calendar." Simply calendar in your start date, select how large of a date sample you want to see and voila... you get a listing of all rates at all Harrah's properties in a given market.

Harrah's Market Calendar

Want to compare a Paris Red Room to a Flamingo Go Room to an August Tower room at Caesars to a LuvTub at Imperial Palace? Just select your room prefs from each property and let the calendar work its magic.

Very awesome and incredibly helpful... but seriously, if you support Firefox you should by default support Safari and Chrome. Give us the opportunity to try the app at our own risk!

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Comments & Discussion:

Excellent find on the browser issue. I have been using the market calendar on my PC at work, but couldn't understand why I couldn't get it on my mac at home.

Now if Harrah's reservation system would just pick the best pricing out of all my offers that would be great. If anybody knows how to quickly search for the best offer please let me know.

Well it doesn't seem to work for all Firefox 3+ browsers as the site says, as I can no longer get the marketing calendar. Which was available as of yesterday and in the past. Yes, it's a nitpick as I could upgrade to 3.6.3 from 3.5, but I felt like bitching today.

The new reservation options looks like crap too, compared to how it looked previously.

Yeah, this is a great feature for finding "soft spots" in the schedule when you can get decent deals. I won't stay at IP or CP, but I'll stay anywhere else in Harrahville if the price is right. This tool comes in handy. No problem with Safari 5.02.

Curious Drake, why not CP?

jinx73, because of the $$$. Tragic, no?

I could probably afford the older towers, but I've heard their rooms can be hit-or-miss. If I'm spending that kind of money I'll stay at Venetian instead, as long as THEY keep sending me deals.

From any browser, you can go to harrahs.com, then click registration and look for "Looking for availability calendars?"link. Click flexible date tools. If you are a total rewards member, login and that screen will even show you your comp night availability.

Rock, I think that's changed now, they seem to be having problems. Even Firefox's latest version is not allowing me to see the calendars anymore. I'm wondering if it's only IE7 at this point.

Drake, keep an eye out, as CP is definitely having occupancy issues right now and even with minimal play you may find on the calendar a soft spot 'comp'. And if you do see them, book all you can and then see if you can make a trip out there. I don't receive any Paris or PH comps on my calendar, but CP stil comes up occassionally. If the classic rooms show comp, then bump it to Forum as they should show too.

Hey guys, we hear your pain, and we think we have fixed it. Click on either "Full Version" or "HTML Version" at the bottom of the page to see the different e-res versions. Thanks.

Just an fyi, it appears Harrahs site is now working for Firefox 3+ browsers, full market calendar and other functionality.

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