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The Best Concierge in Las Vegas

By MikeE on Monday, 27th September 2010 11:47am
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Matt knows hotel operations. He's old school. Half Italian in blood, full Italian in heart, every guest that approaches is like a friend to him. You'd never expect this 20-something to have the capability of channeling the Vegas service of lore, but he does it. There isn't a nightclub host in the city that doesn't recognize him, a restaurant waiting for his call.

He knows what guests want before they want it. 7:29PM and a couple are running across Bellagio's lobby as they make their way towards him. Like clockwork, Matt anticipates the question. Before they reach the desk, he's already yelling, "The 'O' Theater is down the main corridor near the buffet. Follow the signs." Suddenly, you see the couple physically stop and smile before they make the U-turn impressed at how Matt anticipated their needs. In reality, it only saves mere seconds, but the service impression lasts forever. Another guest at the desk looks at his iPhone disgruntled. "Need a charge?" Matt graciously offers to take the phone and charge it on his own unit in the back while the guest dines at the restaurant he just made them a reservation for.

A good concierge may get an occasional invite to a restaurant or nightclub with everything on the house. For Matt, this is a regular occurrence. This last Monday night was a Light Group tour de force at Bellagio for himself and seven friends.

Lucky for me, I was one of the seven.

The limo pulls up and we're on our way. The first stop is Yellowtail where we enjoy appetizers and specialty cocktails. Lots and lots of specialty cocktails.

"Essence": a concoction of muddled cucumber and vodka. The garnish is so fresh, you'd swear they keep their own garden in the back. Delicious. Bellagio Concierge

Sitting to my right is Bellagio's concierge supervisor of ten years. To my left, a former Bellagio host that still takes the time to say hi to whale friends who now call Wynn their home. Between these two, no request can get them to blink. Sending runners to a drugstore at 2am to pick up Fleet Enemas? Been there, done that. Guests requesting to have their blow up companions inflated? That was last week.

We're free to order anything we'd like, but under Yellowtail's gracious invitation, allow them to indulge us with some of their selections. Among those are some incredible rock shrimp bites. Light and crisp, they're the perfect appetizer to start the evening.

Bellagio Concierge

These are followed by savory strips of duck prosciutto that literally disappeared moments after this picture was taken.

Bellagio Concierge

No bill, no cue to leave; a gracious tip on the table and we cross the hallway to FIX.

The host seats us at a prime spot overlooking the casino. This makes for some amazing people watching. Sightings include Robin "Exclusive!" Leach and Carrot Top with entourage in tow (a member of which I'd later see panhandling money on the pedestrian bridge connecting Bellagio to Caesars - go figure).

More specialty cocktails are encouraged. This time, the table is in unanimous agreement on a cotton candy martini with sugar-lined rim. I put aside all manhood and go for it. If it didn't look so ridiculous, I'd order it again - deeelicious!

Bellagio Concierge

For my entrée, I chose the steak and Maine lobster. Dear gawd! Pure artery stopping indulgence. The lobster is phenomenal while the filet mignon is leaps and bounds better than any steakhouse I've done in the city. Yes, I stand by that superlative. Let's be honest: when we think of the best food in the city, Light Group places aren't always first to come to mind. I mean, they're "fun" fine dining, but not "fine" fine dining, and yet, my entrée this evening simply blew me away. I vow to be back.

Bellagio Concierge

Seven plates are brought out for the eight of us in anticipation of dessert. The only one without a plate? Me. I crack a subtle smile knowing that Matt snuck a message to the host that it's my birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better way of spending my 28th. And thank you FIX for refraining from any embarrassing attention as you brought the cake out.

Bellagio Concierge

The rest of the table indulges in miniature donuts before we make our way to Caramel. At the lounge we have two comped bottles of our choice that we miraculously finish with the help of envious strangers. Matt gets the call that the limo is waiting to take him back home. Those of us that stay have the option of two more bottles at Jet, but I quickly discover that at 28, I can't drink nearly as much as I could even two years prior.

After a Franklin handshake and a hug to the waitress, we decide to call it a night barely capable of walking through Bellagio's shops on our way back to Encore.

To have the best concierge in Vegas assisting you opens up a lot of doors. To know him personally opens up another world.

Thanks Matt!

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I don't know any of the people in your story, but I'm generally pretty nice to this one barrista at the Starbucks I go to and one time they were out of Grande cups so she gave me a Venti for the same price. The strangers in line behind me were envious.

Mike -- that was an awesome report, as always. I wondered what became of your friend Matt after he left Wynn's Tower Suites to pursue a host position at Aria. Very happy for him to have landed at Bellagio.

Sorry to hear you're feeling the effects of "old"'age! You must promise us all to swallow your pride and regale us with the ultimate trip report upon suffering the Big Three-Oh....

I love everything about this piece. Thanks for bringing us mere mortals along.

Damn between Misnomer and Mike_E I must be doing something wrong with people I know, the best I ever got was a couple pennies out of the penny tray at a grocery store that the clerk picked out for me.

All kidding aside though, very nice write up Mike, and happy belated birthday.

Sounds like it was a perfect birthday celebration. I'm glad you all had such a good time. Pan handling - no sh**!

Thanks for the story!

I was there. Comp'd spooge all over my face.

I mean this with the utmost respect MikeE but fuck you and your fantastic experience!

Thanks JM! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkaXyhBK-mM

Ha ha ha ha, touche. Hands down, one of the funniest parts of Coming to America.

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