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Aria Fights Back On Twitter

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 25th September 2010 9:25am
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Is it me, or does it seem like the ARIA Twitterer is at their wit's end with how they are replying to these complaints?

#1: Gutsy move retweeting a complaint like that and responding with non-compassionate question mark.

#2 & #3 : looks like @bethanyxoxo has a bit of an attitude problem. kind surprised about the public RT of two complaints tho. Ballsy, brave or playing the sympathy card?

#4: This is interesting. Person trying to book at ARIA can't get their booking agents to match a published rate. Of course we don't know the details of the rates, where it was found etc., but pushing the guest to book at Vdara instead of pointing them towards a recent Facebook or Twitter follower deal isn't going to turn a customer into a dedicated customer.

Its gotta be hard to be a professional Twitterer, a large percentage of what those folks deal with are complaints and/or grovels for cheap, free or discounts. After about 5 days of this, I'd be ready to take a nap in the Vdara Death Ray.

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Comments & Discussion:

Did anybody tell them that a retweet and @reply are two different things?

Murren took over the twitter account?

@bethanyxoxo does seem to come across as being a bit of a bitch. The lack of any details to here issues does leave some questions.

I think that the employees that handle a property's Twitter account end up wearing a lot of hats:

1. Reservation agent
2. Promotions
3. Complaint department
4. Concierge

I feel that complaining to the Twitter account at most properties is an exercise in futility. In most cases, the person who is doing the tweets on behalf of the property is not in any sort of position to address the issues that someone may have. Complaining to them, especially in vague terms and references, is not going to get the issue settled. One cannot solve your problems 140 characters at a time.

Well, looking at the @bethanyxoxo and @XxLadyLushxX accounts on Twitter, they seem to know each other based on @XxLadyLushxX's tweets. So I gather that when @XxLadyLushxX' made her tweet above, she either doesn't know the difference between customer service and PR, or she was drunk.

So what's the female version of a douchebag?

Yeah, they clearly know each other, both are from Boise, and they both seem like drunken skanks that think far too highly of themselves.

@bethanyxoxo is probably a hooker who earned $2,500 from an appreciative gentleman in a limo. She did, after all, steal the "big mistake...huge.." bit from Pretty Woman.

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