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WTF: Mlife Website Error Sends Your Trip Details To Strangers

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 23rd September 2010 8:47am
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Y'know that new Mlife players club website that we've been talking about? Well, VT super reader Donnymac66 took it for a spin last night and decided to check his future Mirage trip itinerary dated May 2008. The only problem is that Don's trip is scheduled for October 2010. Oh, and his name isn't Werner Eckmueller.

Here's the confirmation email Mlife application sent to Don:

Mlife Privacy Jacked

Dates? Totally wrong. Guest name? Totally wrong. Confirmation code? Totally wrong. As if sending someone incorrect trip confirmation information isn't bad enough, they sent out another guests trip information. Any engaging thief could easily Google poor Werner, email him or give him a phone call or stop by his house and pretend to be a representative of The Mirage, push a paper with confirmation numbers, trip dates etc in his face and make up some kind of scam or another to get him to give up his credit card or something even worse... violate his person.

MGM needs to patch this security hole and tell their users that they have done so immediately. Additionally, they need to send notice to and apologize to every one of their users whose privacy has been breached as a result of this.


Has your privacy been breached?

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Holey schmoley. That's ridiculous.

What you all don't know is DonnyMac's real name IS Werner, he was just more upset that under "room type" they just put "room" cause he really wanted to stay in the maids closet

yeah I noticed a while ago when I requested my confirmation via mlife i got some other whores. I figured they were roomin' me with a hot single biznatch and just wanted to give me the heads up so I could leave the wife and kids at home. too bad the rezzie was for 2008!

looks like I'm getting a chick named Teresa, same as I was a month ago. She doesn't sound that hot. I do have the last 4 digits of her CC# though. lol. I guess for $71.67 I shouldn't expect a top flight entertainment professional.


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