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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas: The New Vegas Anthem?

By JohnH on Wednesday, 22nd September 2010 8:18am
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In case you hadn't noticed, Brandon Flowers - The Killers front man and Las Vegas native - recently kinda-sorta, not really pulled a John Lennon and came out with a new solo album. While we could endlessly debate the artistic achievement of the album - enjoyable, but a bit "Bono meets washed up country star" for its own good - what doesn't seem up for debate is the fact that its lead off track yearns to be the new "Las Vegas song." Take a listen, we'll wait.

And in reality, "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" really is a soaring ode to the highs and lows of Las Vegas. You've got Lady Luck right next to cocaine and blackjack. You've got the light sides of Vegas right next to those scandalous-yet-somehow alluring darker sides. In the end, it does articulately characterize many of the reasons reasons most of us love this city.

Sure, the Spector inspired Wall-of-Sound production is heavy-handed and lines like "Give us your dreamers, your harlots, and your sin" do drip with cliché, but come on, it's not like "Viva Las Vegas" is any better. ("Turning day into night time and night into day time?" Is that really that much better?) So the question is, then, is this the new Las Vegas anthem? Does this song eventually supplant something like "Viva Las Vegas?" Can it become that iconic?

Or, is it just another Vegas song of the month? Because let's be honest with ourselves, that's the category that both Katy Perry's "Waking up in Vegas" and Neon Trees' "Animal" into. Which one is it, then?

Next question: If you chose the latter and don't think "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" is that new anthem, please flip to page 186 and follow the vampire into the library what is that anthem? "Viva Las Vegas?" Sure, "Luck Be a Lady" could take the top spot, but in reality, it's more of an ode to gambling than it is an ode to Las Vegas. Personally, I'm quite fond of mashing up Bach's "St. Matthew Passion" and Louis Prima's "Angelina/Zooma, Zooma Medley" when I feel like getting excited about Vegas, but that's just me. What about you?

What to you is that song that perfectly represents Vegas and all of its highs and lows? What is your Las Vegas anthem? Discuss.

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Comments & Discussion:

Paris tells me its gum and blackjack. The later is a type of gum. So really all you have in Vegas is the highs a lows of Lady Luck offering you gum.

This is definitely a worthy addition to the catalog of Vegas anthems. I especially liked the lines about waking up in the frame of a rusted out DeVille, and didn't nobody tell you the house will always win. I also think "Let It Ride" from the TV show Las Vegas must be included in your list of Sin City themes!

"Me and My Monkey" by Robbie Williams. In addition to being a great Vegas song, the album version is exactly 7 minutes and 11 seconds long.

Beyond that, I'd go "Sin City" by AC/DC, "40 Miles to Vegas" by Southern Culture on the Skids, "Vegas Two Times" by Stereophonics, and "Checkout Time in Vegas" by Drive-by Truckers.

"Waking up in Vegas" by Katy Perry

I always find Brandon Flowers a little annoying; he goes on about Vegas to the rest of the world, but complains about it when he's here. I figured now that he was solo he'd chill out, but no.

He was in a Vegas biography by BBC that I watched a few months ago. Pretty funny to listen to him talk about crawling out of the conservative bulwark of Utah when he became old enough to be an adult and coming back to Vegas and immediately getting a job at Caesars. Funny because it's so effin' hard to get work there now.

Nice song, talented singer, but too much soaring and attempted first-degree profundity for me, man. I visualize this as more of an encore song for the swaybots.

Only one man and one song gets me riled up for Vegas, and that of course is Elvis and "Viva Las Vegas." All it takes is the refrain.

No love for the Dead Kennedy's version of VIva Las Vegas?

What about Pretty Vegas... hysterical laugh, oh wait nevermind

Dramman, you just caused me to spend 99 cents. Steve Jobs thanks you.

Gram Parsons... "Oooh Las Vegas"

"Well the first time I lose, I drink whiskey. Second time I lose, I drink gin. Third time I lose, I drink anything 'cause I think I'm gonna win."

First, a Mormon cannot write the quintessential Las Vegas song.

Second... "This Town" by Frank Sinatra (a little melancholy but still a great tune.)
"This town is a make-you town
Or a break-you-town and bring-you-down town"

Because they've been here since 1855, I think Mormons can say and do whatever they like about Las Vegas. Also, The Killers Sam's Town has so much Las Vegas love flowing through it that it makes me proud to live here. Just saying.

Sin City - AC/DC
Roller - April Wine
Tumbling Dice - The Stones

This joins the list but Viva Las Vegas is the song for me and This Town is a close second. Leaving Las Vegas is on the list simply because I end up humming it on the plane ride home.

Native Americans lived in Manhattan well before anyone, but that doesn't make them better equipped to write "New York, New York."

My point being, if a man doesn't drink or gamble can he really write THE song about Las Vegas? Or at least the Vegas we all know and love.

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