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Our Thoughts on Coldplay At Cosmo

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 21st September 2010 8:38am
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Yesterday, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas announced that the entertainment for their New Years Eve gala opening will be a collaborative concert by rapper Jay Z and alt-lite rockers Coldplay.

I'm sure that this show will be spectacular for those in attendance and raise the media awareness of a yet-to-open resort in need of a gigantic grand opening ba-booom to even survive in this economy.

You know how I know you're gay? You like Coldplay.

But seriously now... someone at the Cosmo didn't get the memo : Coldplay are plagiarists.

Previously, Coldplay has taken themes, melodies and re-appropriated entire songs from George Harrison, Kraftwerk and My Bloody Valentine. Their most recent gigantic global hit "Viva La Vida" contains large chunks of music stolen from indie band Creaky Boards ("Song's I Didn't Write"), Spanish band Enanitos Verdes guitar legend Joe Satriani ("If I Could Fly") who probably all stole it from Cat Stevens ("Foreigner Suite").

Here's a fascinating and incredibly thorough musical analysis of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" and Joe Satriani's "If I Could Fly."

Think I'm being a grouch? Well... my mother taught me that liars are the worst people in the world, particularly ones who enter into a financial settlement with someone whom they claim to not have stolen music from but then don't retract their lie and admit guilt like most mature adults do.

Oh, and shouldn't these losers give their Grammy back too? Or perhaps have one sent to Joe Satriani as well? Or maybe have it stripped altogether just like Milli Vanilli did?


Time to get our tomato throwing arms back in shape?

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Comments & Discussion:

you know what coldplay and jay-z do well? pander to middle america morons and play sugar coated versions of real music. and sell out concert venues.

Aside from the above rant, I think this is another good move by Cosmo. Coldplay has recently played to sold out stadium venues and attracts a global audience. Although stylistically Jay-Z doesn't fit, he also brings big name recognition and maybe even Beyonce. I wonder what size venues Cosmo has and whether they plan on having regular acts? We really don't know much about their planned entertainment offerings (other than having a multi-story club on the pool roof).

Huh, well I guess its safe to say you're not a Coldplay fan. :)

While I'm not Coldplay fan either (AT ALL), this should prove to be a wildly popular concert. Chris Martin has collaborated with Jay Z in the past, so that's the tie-in.

We should see if Coldplay will let us in with a ticket stolen from a better concert.

In addition to stealing music from Joe Satriani during the Viva La Vida era, Coldplay stole their appearance from the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's album cover:


Looking forward to Coldplay's next album, on which they crib songs from Steve Vai's "Passion & Warfare" while dressing up like flowers ala Peter Gabriel.

Wow.. learn something new everyday

Coldplay's not the first British band to steal from other artists:

The Jam (one of my all-time favorite bands) lifted a riff from The Beatles' classic "Taxman" for their song "Start" and lifted a riff from "Heatwave" by Martha & The Vandellas.

Oasis is the king of stolen riffs. Some of them include stealing (and getting sued for it) the melody and some lyrics from the New Seekers' "I'd Like To The World To Sing" (AKA the famous Coke jingle from the classic 1971 commercial.) in their song "Shakermaker". Another lifting riffs from Stevie Wonder's "Uptight {Everything's Alright)" for their song "Step Out" (It was dropped from the album it was to appear on and showed up as a B side with additional songwriting credits to Wonder, Sylvia Moy, and Henry Cosby.).

Then there's The Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony", which used the Andrew Oldham Orchestra's version of the Rolling Stones' "The Last Time" as its' basis. ABKCO Records, which owns the rights to the Stones' catalog from the 1960s, sued and won. The copyright to "Bitter Sweet Symphony" reverted to ABKCO and the addition of Jagger and Richards to the songwriting credits.

...which is ironic, since the Rolling Stones ended up adding K.D. Lang to the writing credits of "Anybody Seen My Baby" after it was determined that it was a little too close to Lang's "Constant Craving"!

This case strikes me as pretty weak. Is Charlie Parker a plagiarist for writing "Ornithology" with the same chord progression as "How High the Moon?" Or Sonny Rollins with "Oleo"? These tunes copy a much more specific chord structure than a four-bar, four-chord substitution like Coldplay's. If I were them, I would have stuck to my guns.

Jay-Z opened for them in London last year, and sung 'Lost+' with them on stage, a song which is on the Prospekt's March EP.

I feel compelled to leave a comment, and I do so as one who two years ago willingly gave up a precious Saturday in Vegas to drive to Salt Lake City, of all places, to see Coldplay. I'm a fan. No shame there.

My question: When this has been denied by the band, and dismissed in court, why the huge grudge?

I love this site, it's attractive, funny, clever, compelling and informative. I just feel this rant is neither relevant nor fair - I agree with one of the comments above, I think it's a great move for The Cosmopolitan, they're a huge draw. I only wish I could be there for it.

That, my friends, is why Chuckmonster rocks.


And those that don't get it should perhaps stick to posting on Trip Advisor......

Coldplay was found innocent despite the evidence just like OJ!!! ;)

As unlikely this pair seems on paper, I'm almost POSITIVE that they attract the same crowd. Dumb, white douchebag males who think that they are cool because they like "alternative rock" and "rap". In reality, they are just ignoramus future Palin voters who poison this earth.
I equate Coldplay with the movie "Napoleon Dynamite"-something that is marketed as hip and cool, yet seems to only attract the Sheeples of the world.

I'll take the unenviable position of defending Coldplay. Every artist is a thief, to one degree or another, and the chances of "chunks of music" being played similarly is great when we're we dealing with, what, 7 basic notes and 60 odd chords in all of music (only three of which are played over and over)? The clip above is compelling, but one can probably mash together any two songs, given the finite number of notes/chords, and claim plagiarism.

The real question is intent. Did they rip it off deliberately? The fact that they settled the case may have meant they just wanted it to go away ("Oops...the shit does sound the same, but that wasn't our intention"). There may be no guilt to admit. And ripping off the Beatles? Everyone's been ripping off the Beatles since the Beatles.

I think we can debate and knock Chris Martin for writing some lame and sissified music over the years ("I Will Fix You" might be the worst song ever written in the long march of humanity). But I've been to Coldplay shows before and have never seen the Club Choads/Douches there. That ain't their crowd. Not sure about Jay-Z, though.

Coldplay settled out of court with an undisclosed amount paid to Satriani.

@Tangier- I'm not trying to be combative,but that "limited chords strummed a different way" argument doesn't float. Have you ever listened to Zappa? Yes Album-Going for the One era Yes? Those artists don't sound like anyone else. Or more recently anything by Sunn O))) or the Mayhem cd Ordo Ad Chao?
There are artist that test the boundaries of music and others that find comfort in those boundaries; Coldplay falls into this category.
Granted, I know that Vegas wouldn't ever book the above artists, it just seems that once Kurt Cobain died, mainstream music went straight to crap.
The last time I was at the Mirage pool, I couldn't believe how sophisticated the 80's tunes sounded as opposed to more recent music. It's astounding and depressing.

The problem with Coldplay and bands of that ilk is that they're not paying homage to their influences, they're merely repackaging unoriginal ideas and selling them as new. But the music buying public is partially to blame as well. To paraphrase an old Chris Rock routine, most people buying music today, "love not to know". Few people care to take the time to really drink in Sgt. Pepper's, Exile on Main Street, Blonde on Blonde, etc. So when they hear a ripoff, they don't even know it.

Other shit that's ruining music: Auto-tune, American Idol, Pro Tools, .99 cent disposable songs in lieu of albums (though I'm guilty of buying them too!).

Wow, there's a lot of passion in these opinions. I wouldn't recognize a Cold Play tune except for the one I just played in the above video. If the accusations are true, then justice should be served by the courts. My real gripe here is the broad brush strokes used to paint large groups as douchebags and morons because they listen to certain music. This smacks of elitism and really does not help your argument which is pretty good. People should listen to whatever pleases them. If you don't like it, turn it off. Just my opinion and, of course, you are entitled to yours. That's America.

I don't care if it smacks of elitism to you. Music is my religion. I am a musician and I don't know what my life would be like without music. I know that I am more passionate about music than most people I know. Therefore, this middle of the road crap, whether it's music, film, whatever offends my intelligence.
And to say that a certain type of person doesn't flock to certain types of music is ignorant.
Just because Starbucks is the most popular money-making coffee of all time, it does not make it the best, or even close to the best. That's not an opinion, that's fact.
A quote from genius Charles Mingus:
There are two kinds of music-good music and bad music.

@saharalv: I agree that Coldplay is not anywhere near the category of boundary-testing music. Certainly not along the lines of Yes or Zappa (I could add a gazillion more...King Crimson, early Genesis, Stones, etc.). But I don't think they're trying to be a boundary-testing band either.

From what I've read, they see themselves more along the lines of U2, making anthem-like rock that appeals to the masses. They're not as good as U2, but I don't find them as wretched as some (their first album sounds like the "shoe gazing" bands of the early 90's).

The 80's produced some good music, as did the early 90's. Once Cobain died, the end of "grunge" meant the end of contemporary music-listening for me as well (when Soundgarden called it quits in '96, I mourned). I like some contemporary bands like Coldplay and the Killers, but I couldn't tell you the last new cd I bought by a new band. Maybe Arcade Fire? I didn't get the hype there.

Auto-tune sucks, in my opinion it's the worst offender of the current state of music. Absolutely sick, include backing tracks too, since I've been dabbling in the music scene, my favorite moments are when a band queues up and you are watching them play only to try and figure out where the keyboardist is especially as they put on their rendition of "Jump" by Van Halen.

Tangiers, I think that metal is actually the most adventerous music out today (Sunn 0))), Enslaved).
But if that isn't your style, check out Marnie Stern (the cd with the long annoying title). It's frantic, exciting stuff.

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