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Aria & Vdara Flyback Free Offer

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 17th September 2010 11:33am
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Aria Vdara Flyback Offer

Here's an interesting offer/deal... stay at ARIA or Vdara and they'll give you a free round trip airline ticket for a future visit.

Here's the rate calendar for October/November:

Aria Vdara Flyback Offer

Hot damn. If you go to Vegas a coupla times a year, this looks like a grrrrreat deal. Here's the fine print:

This offer requires a minimum two consecutive night stay before December 23, 2010 to receive a complimentary airline award for your next stay at ARIA. This offer is subject to promotional availability over select dates and may not be combined with any other offer. Rates are subject to change and restricted dates apply. Rates are per room/suite, per night, plus tax based on single or double occupancy. An additional per person, per night charge applies to third or fourth guests in the same room. Offer is nontransferable and not available to existing reservations. This offer does not apply during major holidays, to group reservations or to persons attending meetings or conventions.

The Fly Back Free Award* entitles recipient to one free excursion roundtrip airline ticket (up to a maximum base fare of $350). Valid between any major airport in the Continental USA and Las Vegas, NV. The return trip must include two or more nights at ARIA Resort & Casino or Vdara Hotel & Spa and must be booked by ATG. Additional restrictions are included on certificate, which is received via email 10 days after your qualifying stay. Travel using the certificate must be completed within ten months. 21 day advance booking is required.

Ok... airline credit is $350 max, they don't pay fees, and if/when you return you are required to book at ARIA or Vdara again. You didn't think they'd fly you to Vegas and let you stay at Tropicana did you?

Still, if you go to Vegas a couplatwotree times a year, want to give Aria and Vdara a shot and want to get a freeb air ticket (for one) this is a great opportunity to do it.

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Comments & Discussion:

I just got this offer, and obviously I'm not a fan of MGM, but for those that don't care where they stay, this seems like a pretty sweet deal.

Or what airline they fly, they force you to book it via their travel agent, so I'd assume they pick the airline they've got a deal with.

Many years ago, I received the flyback offer for signing up for Mandalay (Circus/Circus) club. The catch of course is the booking of the resort to stay during your stay as you have to book the resort through the booking agency too, which at the time, they wanted to charge about $100-$150 more per night then published rates, which worked out to about $200-250 for the flight, still not bad as you are likely saving some dollars on the flight, but you do still wind up paying from my experience.

interesting jinx. i'm thinking that there is definitely a lawsuit in there somewhere.

I did a similar deal a few years ago through the Aladdin. I had to fly America West, which in 2002 was a particularly shitty way to travel. Still, it was a short flight and sure beat having to make the drive back on the I-15 on Sunday.


I'm not sure about the travel industry, but in other industries; this type of mark up behavior is certainly NOT illegal. Insurance policies, mortgages and autos tend to be the most notable examples of bigger ticket items that this happens with. Example: A new For F-150 has the same $30,000 sticker price everywhere in the country (just picking an arbitrary number here and assuming an identically equipped vehicle), but Dealer A in Denver charges you over sticker price for the vehicle....probably not a wise consumer decision, but the dealer can, will and does engage in this type of mark up activity....and it is absolutely legal.

Now those are big ticket items....what about smaller purchases? Let's say you see an advertisement for dog training and you need to get ole Fido to stop barking all day....you call the number and are quoted $500. The service may only cost $400 but the call center you booked with marks it up to pocket a larger profit.....is that illegal? No. Is it socially frowned upon? Yes....if it becomes excessive.

In the case of the hotel/flight package, I'm assuming that as a third party "broker", this travel agency can legally charge any amount they desire as they have to purchase the product from their client (MGM in this case) and if they choose to mark it up to re-coup their costs from the so called "free flight" offer, then it would seem legal. While we'll all likely agree that it's a dickslap bait and switchish type of an offer, it appears completely legal, even if they are engaging in the aforementioned behavior.

A free market continues to reward these types of programs, though good consumer education is prevailing in many areas and thanks to the innerwebs and sites such as yours, fewer and fewer people make these types of mistakes because they do their travel research through multiple sites.....or they examine your "Pencil" entries on the blog when new deals come up.

I for one, will not be participating in this offer, but if it makes sense for someone then I hope it works out for them.

I'll continue to stay at the Rush Tower at GN. One of the few nice joints (at least that I would like to stay at) left that doesn't charge a resort fee.......yet. I hope it stays that way!!

I highly doubt this is a good offer. I'll bet the rooms on the return flight/trip are going to be 250/night. Considering you can get rooms for 103, you might as well book your own airfare for both trips and look for a good hotel deal.

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