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Mlife Gets All Nifty

By MikeE on Thursday, 16th September 2010 7:57am
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Curious on where I stand in the hierarchy of MGM Resorts' gambling ladder, I've been logging in to the once totally worthless Mlife.com to find my ranking amongst their naming scheme of stones, precious metals, and secret French words.

I'm pleased to report that now when you log in, it not only tells you your ranking, but also how many points are needed to achieve the next level using a nifty little animated status bar guaranteed to make you scream, 'Go, go, GO!' in your pursuit of casino status penis size.

Okay, okay. So I'm only a Pearl. A high Pearl, but still a Pearl. Eff you guys - it's the girth that counts anyways.

Refraining from the bajillion other genital size = average bet x hours played x house advantage jokes that can occur here, we also find a very Harrah's-esque table with a breakdown of tier benefits at MGM Detroit, Beau Rivage, and Gold Strike Tunica.

Once this thing is fully implemented and running smoothly (and knowing MGM, I might just be dead by then) expect a player's club with the full experience of Total Rewards behind casinos you actually want to stay at.

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Comments & Discussion:

I just checked and I am only Sapphire (but graphically close to Pearl according to the chart). I see from the table you show that host access is only for the Platinum. Does this mean I won't have hosts at the casinos anymore? I have and use hosts now. The offers I get also get me in the VIP lounges but it appears I may lost that also. Seems like this new program may suck for me.

Looks like that chart is only for the non-Nevada properties, so I would read too much into it right now.

I checked. I am a "Gold". Whoopeee. I still expect to get the same poor and declining service from them. There is a reason that Wynn is better and a reason that people are looking forward to Cosmopolitan. Fact is: MGM Int'l does not take care of its black chip gamblers anymore.

I'm at "Aluminum". Next time I walk into Luxor, Criss Angel will kick me in the nuts.

Every time I see "Mlife" in anything I only read it as "MILF", is there something wrong with me?

My MGM Macau card puts me at "Gweilo". What does that mean?

Seems kinda tight that all those "Hotel Benefits" are reserved for only the highest level. I mean, really, is early check-in/late check-out such a big deal?

I agree with Spyder. Jessica Alba is a Platinum level MILF. Rosie O'Donnell, not so much.

Keep in mind that this chart of benefits are for MGM Detroit. If it's anything like HET, they expect locals to have a much higher status and reduce benefits based on this fact. There are far more Diamond critters running around Harrah's Rincon in San Diego then there are in Vegas. Line cuts, etc. are reserved for Diamond & 7 Star at Rincon where it's Platinum, Diamond & 7 Star in Vegas...

I'd wait until the Vegas properties come on line, starting with Bellagio in October. Here are a few notes I shared with David McKee at Stiffs & Georges after being confused by M life:

You guys peaked my curiosity. I signed on but didn't have any "tier" info. on any of my pages. Anybody else have this issue??

@tdoubleu - My guess is that they haven't gotten to everyone yet. I'd say to check back periodically.

Interesting. I'm a Pearl, but this must be based solely on my recent play (3 trips in the last 8 months) at MGM Detroit, as I have not spent significant time/money in an MGM Vegas casino in 2 years. Even in Detroit, average wager and time at the table was much less than what I would log while in Vegas, so the bar must not be all that high to reach Pearl.

Gold Jerry Gold! I like that it also lists my upcoming stay at The Mirage along with the confirmation code

Sapphire, but only 23,000 points to Pearl. :)
Only MGM property I've been in since 2006 is MGM Grand Detroit. Surprisingly, site says I have $360 in Free Play at Beau Rivage. Four years later, they still want me back.

Hmmm......I'm a 'Talc" level guest....but on the bright side, I also mis-typed "milf" into the eddress and found a fascinating website...my 'tripping' time is hereby limited.

so how many points per dollar on hotel spend? and i dont remember if point levels have been revealed?

(venetian grazie is $6K hotel for gold, which says it incl upgrades)

yeah it is detroit >

25k 75k 200k ?

heh, re googling "milf" >

1/2 - online encyclopedia
3-9 - porn
10 - Moro Islamic Liberation Front (also in google news)

I played a ton of VP at Silver Legacy on a recent rare trip to Reno/Tahoe only to find out that the Legacy isn't part of the MGM loyalty program, so I'm still in a big snit over that.

Detroit is in but Reno is out? Please. MGM is dead to me.

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