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The 2010 Trippies Are Here!

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 15th September 2010 6:55am
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Trippies 2010

Ladies and germs, with the end of summer travel season means one thing around here - the start of Trippies season!!! For those who don't know, The Trippies are VT's annual readers poll awards thingy wherein we ask you - the smartest, coolest and most informed Vegas tourists - to tell us and the world what are the best and worst joints in town.

The 2010 Trippies marks the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6th time we've been taking the Vegas temperature of trippers everywhere and for the first time ever we haven't changed one category from last year. Ok, I'm a liar, we added a brand new category to cover the explosive new mobile app technology that has essentially redefined how all of interact with the world. Casino apps, gambling apps, guide apps, travel booking apps... you'll now have the opportunity to tell the world what apps make a real difference in your Vegas life.

So this is how this works, from today until November 11th, 2010 we will be accepting nominations in all categories. The top 5 vote getters in each category (more if there is a tie) will be entered into the final voting which runs from November 21st until December 12th. The winners will be announced via a live webcast in January 2011.

Oh and one more thing that we need to discuss... last year we mentioned the possibility that some perpetual winners (Five Hundy) would be sent to the "Hall of Fame." Well, after thinking about it for a good 8 months we decided to go with the "Guitar Player Magazine Rule" which states that a finalist must win their category for five years in a row to be added to the Hall of Fame. Currently, FHBM has won 4 times straight. If they win this year, they go into the Hall of Fame forever. If they lose, they have to win it for five more straight years (until Fontainebleau opens in 2017?) to be eligible again. Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Ok, Ringo... drum roll please....... without further adieu-doo, on behalf of the entire VT staff, I declare that the 2010 Trippies call for Nominations is open.... LET THE BITCHING BEGIN!


Comments & Discussion:

Wow. This year went fast. Seems like the previous Trippies season just ended.

Looking forward to the results. They're always interesting.

Man, it's been a year already.

Best Trippies theme EVER!!

Rock N Rita's at Circus has the potential to win as best bar someday (if they ever fix the springs in the keg seats); thereby extricating Circus from the HOShame.

Not sure how I feel about nongaming properties like MO and Trump being included in certain categories. I can make an argument that TheHotel, SkyLofts, and the Four Seasons are eligible since they are associated/attached to Casinos. Should Polo Towers, and Travelodge then be included.

Do only standard/deluxe rooms count for best rooms? I was thinking the HRH tower rooms are some of the nicest "regular" rooms I've seen. IMO, no difference from voting for the TheHotel rooms.

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