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The Plaza Closing November 11

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 13th September 2010 11:50am
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The Plaza is closing its hotel and a chunk of its casino operations on 11/11/10, putting 400 employees out of work. The plan is to close the hotel to do renovations then open it back up as the "Union Plaza" in November 2011.

Due to recession, Binions closed its hotel almost a year ago. Lady Luck has been closed for about three plus years. When the time comes to put the locks on the elevators, I'll bet management opts to mothball it and put their plans to spend $20M on upgrades on ice as well.


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It would be no shock at all if the Plaza doesn't reopen anytime soon. That goes without saying. I really hope that the place opens as a viable place to stay and gamble, because it's far from that at this point.

That sucks. I haven't been a fan of the Plaza, but I hate seeing 400 people lose their jobs. And yeah, it's hard to imagine renovations taking place in this economy.

Strangely, that's the same day the Sands in Atlantic City closed.

I give this very long odds of reopening within that timeframe, barring an ownership change.

I'm really curious to see if they actually do go through with the renovations. I was out in Vegas last November right before Binion's announced the closure of the hotel and the coffeeshop and the day prior to the announcement, one of the dealers was telling me that they were going to do renovations at that time (I guess this was the rumor that was being passed around the employees).

I'm definitely skeptical of their $20M renovation budget as well.

Plaza was always nasty... I would go to subway and walk around and leave. I always wanted to try the buffet and play a little but it had a weird smell to it. Sahara was also supposed to get a renovation but in these times, who knows!! Dont most hotels in Vegas close towers or sections in slow times??

I would say there is more chance it will reopen as "Biffs" than it will reopen in 2011

^Better chance of Miami beating the Cubs in the world series in 2011.

That sucks. I never stayed there, but enjoyed low minimum craps and went to the Rat Pack is Back a few times. Oddly, on their twitter feed, they just announced yesterday that the show had signed a 3 year lease with the Plaza.


I think an old place like that could renovate, but you'd have to do it along the scale of Tropicana. $20 million wouldn't begin to cut it.

I would be there day 1 if they rethemed as "Biffs Pleasure Palace".
I hope that there are certain people listening....

I see absolutely no reason for them to close BOTH towers at once- Refit one, and then the other! Keep people working, and keep some revenue from rooms coming in. I really see this as just a prelude to them walking away under bankruptcy next summer.

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