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Bellagio Applies The Personal Touch

By MikeE on Tuesday, 7th September 2010 2:29am
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The number of inquiries I read about casino hosts is staggering. Everybody wants the attention and that personal level of service that a host brings. That's their calling card. Otherwise, you can obtain 99% of what they offer - and often for much less cost in the long run - provided you plan well in advance.

But still, that personal relationship, that liaison to Las Vegas, is a priceless luxury that obviously can't be afforded to everyone with a player's card.

Nevertheless, Bellagio is out to change that. Kind of.

I'm nothing to Bellagio. I played $25 pai gow poker there about six weeks ago for an hour and a half. That was the first gambling I'd done there in over a year. So you can imagine my excitement when I received an e-mail in my inbox today from 'Bellagio Casino VIP.' It's not like a nightclub where everybody with an inquiry is put on a 'VIP' guest list. It's not like Mandalay Bay where so long as you refrain from farting at the blackjack table, you'll get an e-mail insisting to call 'VIP' services to plan your next trip. At Bellagio, those three letters still mean something. Or they used to, anyway.

Clicking the e-mail revealed what looks like an amateur phishing scheme complete with token mixed-race hottie on a headset. Whoa! Why hello there, gorgeous!

Bellagio Operator

Get out! I'm so important that you, Ms. Hottie on a Headset, are contacting me personally with a cheap room AND two-for-one dinner at The Cafe?! OMG! I travel solo and frequently feel lonely. Can I use my cafe offer to treat you to dinner? Please?

I clicked through. Here was the next page:

Bellagio Operator

Yes, I requested them to 'Call Me With Details.' How could I not? Maybe Ms. Hottie on a Headset will call me, and with her sultry voice, speak softy of the room features and offer details. 'Slow down,' I'd tell her as she describes the thread count on the bed sheets. 'Tell me about your bath products. Do you supply lotion?'

A couple hours later, I received the phone call and answered with hands in pants while staring at her picture hoping to make the longest inquiry for a 'room reservation' in my life.

It was a dude.


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Comments & Discussion:

Mmmmm...Mike? You know about Santa too right?

Hey .. what about Santa?

Now that Rex moved away, I wasn't sure who was going to oogle the hired help and complain that PR imagery doesn't always match reality.

Guess I got my answer.

Please make Ms. Hottie on a Headset available as an avatar. Please?

Better you find out now than taking Ms. Hottie on a Headset to the Cafe, blowing your big VIP 2-for-1 (also expressed as 1-to-1) dinner on her and THEN finding out she's a dude.

Ms. Hottie: "MikeE, would you like a blowjob with that reservation? Okay. Here's your dude!" Bait and switch.

Inappropriate yes, but in all the right places. Thanks for the laughs.

Love the Facebook update: "MikeE nearly rubs one out to a dude."

I've always said the same stuff about gay guys calling to make a reservation at the Mandalay Bay.
Mistaking it for the MAN TO LAY.

have at it, something to please all tastes...


I can't find it right now, but there is a Parody website about generic Phone agent photos

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