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Palms For $29 Per Night!

By MikeE on Sunday, 5th September 2010 2:43pm
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Desperation - this offer reeks of it.

We recently wrote of Palms difficulty keeping up in today's market which was further complemented with insights from the inside in the comments section. Now at long last, what was historically one of off-strip's most overpriced joints is charging a fair price.

Almost too fair.

VT reader detroit1051 brought our attention to a phenomenal deal at Palms: $29 per weeknight, $49 weekends! And that's for the newer Fantasy Tower. Forget Sahara, Riviera, or even Excalibur. Extra $30 for another queen bed at Aria? Pshhha!! With these prices, you can book out an entire floor and host your own version of JC1K.

Even more alarming are the extra perks. With $50 in free slot play, and nightclub and spa admissions included, Palms is pretty much paying you to walk through their doors. Most interesting is the promise of a comped room based on points or time played; unless there's major fine print at check in, you can bet somebody's going to milk a penny slot for one line at a time to hit the four hour requirement and get their $29 written off the bill.

Hey George, any chance I can score one of your Sky Villas for under a grand? Please?

UPDATE: I called in and was told that the offer is only good when you present a targeted post card at check in - a caveat that *should* be presented in the terms and conditions when booking online, but as of this writing, is not. Stand firm, but make a back up ressie somewhere else just in case. They might pull a Harrah's and mass cancel on grounds of their own error. Boo!

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Comments & Discussion:

You also need to mention that the stay must be before 10/31/2010. I tried to book for a November stay and it was rejected.

For what it's worth, I got one of those postcards in the mail as a result of registering with their slot club / rewards card thingy at the casino. It surely couldn't have been based on my play, since I only played low-ball craps there for 30 minutes.

I've been getting snail mail from the Palms for months now..including the most recent for a slot tournament for the month of September..which featured a 49/89 room rate, admission to the spa, and passes to Ghostbar, Moon, Rain and the Playboy club..I'm wondering what the fourth quarter will bring..from not only the Palms but a host of properties who will need to fill rooms in December..

Just called in because the offer is no longer available online and spoke with one of the most stupidest women I've ever encountered. I told her in the Terms & Conditions having the postcard was not listed and she responded with, "But we didn't post that link somebody else did." Don't ask me what that has to do with the Terms & Conditions, but I agree with booking it through the phone and making a stink at Check-In, perhaps a seizure may do the trick to getting your room.

Typical. Welcome to the PLAMS.

Yes, God forbid you allow people to book hotel rooms, drink, gamble, and party at your establishment.
Has any hotel every considered just throwing out a weekend of rock bottom rates and other special perks? Really set this up as a recession blow-out. Fill the place up, bring in some band no one is offended by and everybody loves (Journey.) Have huge pool parties, D-List celebrities and have food network film a special. Literally make it the place to be in Vegas that day. Rooms are $50 a night and happy hour beers are $2. You would literally fill the place to the brim and all of these people getting rooms for cheap would gamble away their lives at the tables. It could be worth the loss of a few bucks a night.

I was comped a standard (old tower) room for two nights last week as part of a slot promotion (I play slots in Vegas exclusively at Palms). It included nightlife line passes and free access to the spa. I walked up at 3:30 on Monday to check in, asked for a Fantasy Tower room and was given one with no questions asked. I actually arrived in Vegas the Saturday before and stopped to play some slots that afternoon. It was busy, but not crowded. Monday and Tuesday it was absolutely dead.

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