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Aria: Now With Extra Bed Fee

By MikeE on Saturday, 4th September 2010 1:04am
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Tearing a page out of Encore's practice in charging an extra $50 per night to guarantee two queen beds, Aria has begun doing the same. If you're scared your life long best friend and you are going to start inadvertently drunk spooning in your sleep - and consequently, awkward breakfasting the next morning - then you're going to have to shell out an extra $30 per night to guarantee what is otherwise a request that Aria can usually accommodate gratis if available at check in.

It's just another way MGM is trying to generate more revenue and it'll surely catch on throughout the city faster than you can say resort fee.

But allow me to play devil's advocate here...

I like this fee. I'm all for it. Why? Because extra costs for two beds will hopefully mean ever so slightly fewer families with rugrats in tow at the resorts that implement them. The extra fee just might make the stuff-six-to-a-room crowd feel a little unwelcome. Even more importantly, on that busy weekend when I know two queen beds are scarce, I'll gladly pay the extra $30 for the guarantee of what is otherwise a hit or miss request.

Then again, I'm also that guy who liked that airlines started charging more for exit row seats - guaranteeing total comfort is always worth the extra expense.

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Comments & Discussion:

I tend to like your articles, reviews, and board postings, but I have to take issue with the overall tone of this post. It comes off as terribly, terribly elitist. If you want to argue the point that profit maximization for a given resource is always more economically efficient, fine. I'm okay with that. If you want to argue that Aria, like Encore is trying solidify market segmentation and catering to upscale clients, that's fine too. If you wan to argue that the casinos are finding another way to make a quick buck, fine.

What I have an issue with is the devils advocate insinuation that that it reduces the number of people that you don't like at Aria and Encore. It's obvious to any reader of this blog that you have access to certain comps and access that the majority of people do not enjoy. I find the argument that it'll be easier for you to book a double queen room at Aria ridiculous from someone that has the host of XS contacting them. At best, your devils advocacy comes off as smug from someone that can afford the extra 30 bucks. At worst, it comes off as something far far worse.

Where I draw the line is your stating that

Mike IS smug as fuck. Where have you been?

Normally the smugness doesn't present itself in a form so ugly. I mean, I get it. There are reviews and places that I would never see. I enjoy a peek into other places that I can't afford. Somehow a line got crossed on this post.

Attica, that certainly wasn't my intention. Apologies that it came off that way.

I do feel that with the recession, an increasing number of reviews have surfaced of people complaining over the lack of two-bedded rooms - something that has always clearly been outlined as a request which can't necessarily be accommodated. Frequently, these same reviews complain of being charged for extra persons, rollaways, and the like which, again, are always clearly outlined when making the initial reservations.

At least with Aria and Encore's new policies, there aren't any supposed surprises to customers who abuse occupancy rules. Wanted two queens? They can now pay the difference.

I never said that I don't like this specific customer base, but I certainly wouldn't want to be Blackjacker1979 who paid top dollar a couple weekends ago only to neighbor with six screeching douchettes. If anything can prevent that crowd - even something as minuscule as an extra fee for extra beds - then I'm all for it.

JohnD: and that's why you love me.

@mikee yer fired.

Chuck, let me ask you a serious question: Will you ever find another cigarette smoking chimp as hard working as me?

It's ridiculous. Wynn/Encore already know how many double bed rooms they have, because THEY TAKE THE LONGER SIDE OF THE TOWER. The "inside" half of the curve means rooms have less sq ft and thus have one bed, the "outside" half have more room and thus two.

And Mike, I think almost anyone would like to see Vegas through your eyes, but the attitude toward anyone who does Vegas any way other than your way is just starting to become a bit too much. Not all family trips include "rugrats," some of us are all 21+ but don't want to sleep in the same bed with our relatives, friends, or parents.


@mikee yer unfired.

in all seriousness, there is some serious shit going down inside citycenter right now. hosing the comp hooch, adding the resort fee and repricing double queens is just the tip of the iceburger. keep your eyes peeled next week for some gigantic news.

Hey hard-working cigarette-smoking chimps are a dime a dozen. I'll show ya. Just give me MikeE's budget and I'll borrow a monocle from rockchick.

Holly Madison should be prancing around in the lobby of PH with a tiny t-shirt on that reads, "No Extra Bed Fees!" in 5...4...3...2...

The little perks are vanishing faster than my money does. Soon you will be allowed one free elevator ride per day. It costs money to operate them remember.

I'm sorry but I disagree with resorts charging that much more for two beds in a room than one. I can see maybe a $5/night extra fee to cover the cost of laundry for the sheets, etc., but $30-$50 is just out of line.

I am a single person and travel by myself. I like to have a room with two beds because the second bed gives me a place to open up my suitcase and it gives me an extra work surface to spread out paperwork, etc. that I am doing on my trip. If the hotels are going to start charging so much for the extra bed, then they need to bring back the low-boy dressers where you can open your suitcase.

By the way, there are many of us that come to Las Vegas on business. We come for conventions or we come for other business in the city. We don't come for Vegas Vacation or Hangover type weekends. And it seems the resort hotels are forgetting about the business traveller who fills their rooms 5/7th of the week.

Desperate times, desperate measures. The airlines cut service, and flights available, and increase fees on those that actually do fly. The hotel casinos cut service, and increase fees on those that actually do stay. The City Center construction project was several billion dollars over budget, and introduced thousands of new hotel rooms at a time when other vegas hotel casino projects were just halted. MGM has huge debt to service. No surprise that they are desperate and will continue to be creative to charge extra fees for anything they think they can get away with. Will be interesting to see what the big news is next week that Chuck made a comment on.
Stay at Aria land of the goofy fees? I don’t think so. Not when the other properties are offering such great deals on full on Suites. Aria gets nothing. They won’t get my hotel room money, my food and beverage money, my gaming money, my clubbing money. “Senator, You can have my answer now, if you like. My final offer is this: Nothing. Not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would appreciate if you would put up personally.”

The thing is, I cannot imagine $30 being the thing to keep away the six-to-a-room stuffing. If anything, it is cheaper than getting an extra room. If the concern is really per-room occupancy then putting limits on the number of guests per room would be the way to go. (Obviously this is not something that can really be enforced, but you get my point).

The people who this really hurts are the 2 BFFs in town for a girl/guys weekend who want to share a room, but not a bed.

I have to agree with MikeE on this one. The comfort is worth the extra cash. i think im in the boat with the rest of the people on this website. I don't really get comps i pay pretty much standard rates when i go to Vegas. I do read the fine print however and know what i am getting myself into as far as resort fees, occupancy fees, deposits, etc.... 2 queens has never been a guarantee at any property without paying a additional cost. i appreciate knowing the fact that if i want to stay at a hotel that will be at or near full occupancy i can pay $30 and not have to worry about getting to the hotel early to hope 2 queens is available. Its really not worth the stress to me. And honestly for me if im stressing about $30 in Vegas, then i should not be there because i cant afford the rest of my trip. Just my $0.02 hope to not offend anyone.

this doesn't bode well as I just switched my upcoming Palazzo reservation for 5 nights in october to Aria based on a mailer I rec'd earlier this week. funny thing is I requested 2 queens and got the standard language on my casino marketing confirmation. Then again arriving at 230ish I suppose some double queens will be left for the degenerates....IF....the hotel is even still open as Chuck hinted at some big news.

OH and Mike, I like your attitude just the way it is.

I think charging a little more for a little more is ok. some people call it....Elitist....I call it.....GASP.....capitalism! I think?

China and Cuba still have those systems where everyone gets the same for the same price or whatever. Albeit with a heavy dose of corruption and cronyism that would make a Chicago alderman look like an alter boy.

Deterrence? Naw, I don't buy it either. If you charge party morons $30 a night for an extra bed, they'll just feel more justified to act like party morons because now they've paid extra for the privilege.

Frankly, I bet this is mostly a strategy to squeeze a few extra bucks from conventioneers who are doubling up in this economy, but that's just my guess.

I'm really curious about this big news as well. Chuck mentioned City Center, and I assumed he meant Aria by that. I couldn't see Aria closing, but what about the other places in the complex like Vdara and even MO? How are those places doing?

I was in LV earlier this week for a few days and the town was relatively dead.

Chuck, Now I really want to know what this big CityCenter news is... lol goddamnnit. This week for sure?


Don't worry about pleasing everyone with your writing. If people aren't complaining or if people don't think you're a jerk, you're not doing a good job.

Polite people are boring. Keep it up.


The big news: Crystals is being turned into a SuperWalmart, that way someone will finally purchase something there and they can get that cool framed first dollar bill thing going. The Harmon will be torn down and sold for scrap metal. Jim Murren will finally be moved into a position that takes advantage of his unique skillset, as soon as they find someone who wants to pay to watch him visually inspect his own colon.

You really think Chuck has insider info so important that CC might shut down whole hotels? Really??
Mike, I thought your post was completely sensible and well reasoned. I'm over 50 now and I don't want rugrats or Douches near me, if possible. And none of the posters here do either, don't try to say otherwise. I don't have lots of money, $150 a nite is HUGE for me, but I know Las Vegas is about the best hotel value in America and understand these places have to make a profit. I think about that when I'm staying at some HiltonCourtYardiott in Hoffman Estates Illinois, or Mission Park Kansas, for $250 a nite on a Tuesday.
While I am scouting out the Western for a trip report, I'll be thinking of the high-roller Mike E, and quietly say to myself "Stay golden, Pony Boy".

i love superwalmart!!!! they know how to turn a profit!! eh hem

Hmmm, what could it be? Could it be that...

1. They're going to connect Vdara with Bellagio, creating a small casino in that open space between the properties.
2. MO will take ownership of the MO building, giving MGM Resorts some cash flow to pay back CC debt.
3. The "Street of Doom" in "The Gateway to CityCenter" will be directly connected to Aria's casino near the Viva Elvis lobby.
4. Harmon will be demolished and replaced with a direct access path into Aria's casino. No need for Crystals.
5. Veer could be sold off to whoever is dumb enough to take it.
6. DubankruptWorld sells it's ownership to the new Tropicana people, thus creating the Tropicana empire Mr. Y is seeking.
7. Jim Murren was on the roof of Aria last week and was caught in a strong gust of wind, sending him flying into a shoe store down at the Wynn.

Wow, "BeeeJay", I think you just set a record for worst post on this site. And that's impressive since we've seen so much spam lately.

Extra Bed Fees do not keep us from being goddless commies. There are such things as consumer protection and stuff like this is stretching what the hotels can get away with. Do you know of a hotel that does this as a fee? Usually they just post the double bed as a separate room type on the up and up.

THAT'S the problem. We're tired of having to search for hidden charges and do a cost-benefit analysis on every little thing we do, and of course that's what casinos thrive on in a sense and always have. People's inability to do numbers.

But it's getting kind of customer hostile out there on the Strip now. I'd rather lose raw capitalism if this is what it means.

8. God is calling a do-over. A giant empty lot will reappear, and throngs of happy Vegas fans will rejoice at Boardwalk and feast on last week's shrimp at the Surf Buffet.

I want to know what the big news is. That's a brutal tease, Chuckmonster.

By the way, if my latest round of offers is any indication, it seems MGM is finally trying to position Aria as its flagship resort. My offers to stay at Bellagio are way, way more generous than at Aria, and I've gambled and eaten far more at Aria this year.

7. Jim Murren was on the roof of Aria last week and was caught in a strong gust of wind, sending him flying into a shoe store down at the Wynn.

I wonder how many folks got that reference?

I'm beginning to wonder more and more if the hotel industry and the airline industry are sharing employees. The fees that both industries have hit consumers with in the last few years almost seem to be from the same playbook.

I'm beginning to wonder how long before hotels start charging folks a cancellation fee for canceling their rooms regardless of how far in advance (Most, if not all hotels do have a 48 hour cancellation policy in which they charge you for one night if you cancel 48 hours or less prior to arrival.). I also would not be surprised if they start charging a change fee if you change the dates of your booking (in addition to any increased room rates) or if you change your booking in order to take advantage of a promo rate.

I almost begin to wonder if the one night's deposit that many hotel charge will eventually become nonrefundable.

The charging an extra $30-50 in order to guarantee a room with two doubles is up there with airlines charging a premium to book a window or an aisle seat at the time of booking or charging a premium for seats in certain sections of the aircraft (exit rows, first few rows of coach). It may cause some folks to book elsewhere (like the parents with their kids in tow or maybe the friends who are splitting the costs of a room but do not wish to share a bed), but it definitely won't cut down on the six to a room crowd as much. Considering how lax the enforcement of the max guests per room is at many properties, unless these folks are causing problems, the hotels aren't going to do anything about it. In some cases, the desk clerk hands out key cards to a room like it was candy.

These cheapskates who sleep 6 or more to a room at a higher end property could have gotten more rooms at a lower-end property and not be tripping over each other like the aftermath of a Jock-O-Rama party. While hey it does impress the douchettes when you tell them that you're staying at Encore, Betty Douchette is not going to go back to your room there if you're sharing it with the rest of the frat. You cannot go back to her room because she's sharing it with her douchette friends and is probably embarrassed to admit that they're staying at Harrah's.

Much like with the airline checked baggage fees, I do not see resort fees going away anytime soon.

@Drake, @stevecovington/vespajet,

#8 put a smile on my face.
And #7: a wannabe Vegas mogul with an outsized reach/grasp ratio gets blown off the roof into Wynn Esplanade? Yeah, we're just a little embarrassed to admit ever having watched that show....

@motoman. Not embarassed at all, as a matter of fact if I come across a rerun I will watch it again! Long live moth woman!

Wasn't the original point of putting hotels in Vegas was so that people would have a place to stay while they gambled. In other words why would the casinos charge more if they can get more people into one room?

Tt seems that the city in general has gotten away from Gambling being the main attraction.

Take city center for example, with 3 "hotels" (MO, Harmon, and Vdara) and a condo complex (veer) not have any sort of casino, they seem to have place the draw for the CC more on the resort aspect of it more than Aria's casino.

If I wanted to go to a resort, it wouldn't be Vegas, I would go somewhere on the ocean. I go to Vegas to drink, to gamble, and to have fun.

The problem with the resort industry in Vegas nickel and dimeing everything like the Airlines, is that most people are willing to pay extra to fly because a 3 hour flight is better than a 26 hour drive. With vacations you have more options, others hotels or other cities.

Duffman, hotels are more and more interested in the other revenue streams at their disposal. If someone coming into a resort to eat at the newest concept by a celebrity chef or to shop at the latest outpost of some hip and trendy retailer and happens to put a sawbuck in a slot machine along the way, they're fine with that, as they're getting money from that restaurant or retail outpost via rent. Why do you think casinos have cut the number of table games on their floors and replaced them with slot machines and are even bringing in video versions of table games that either eliminate the dealer entirely or cut the number of dealers needed to run a game.

Unfortunately the gambler is not what drives Las Vegas anymore. That went out with the cheap buffet and coffee shops. The average gambler could care less about the thread count in the bed linens or the brand of the toiletries in the bathroom. As long as the room is clean and the bed is comfortable, they don't care. The folks that do care about that sort of stuff are the ones who spend less money in the casinos and more money in the restaurants, retail, spas, and shows. They're the ones that keeps the nightclubs in business. They're the ones that when sitting at the blackjack table split 10s or face cards or hit at the wrong time. They're the ones that think because they're good at playing a poker game online that they're ready to play a live game. They've stolen Vegas from the gamblers.

Great discussion and that's always a tribute to the author's posting, so nice job Mike, although I do get a little of what Attica is saying from the tone, but I understand where you are coming from.

I have mixed feelings on this one, I'm not a huge fan of tourist destinations nickel and diming the consumer, I think it does more harm then good for them in the long run, and as a fan of Las Vegas, I still want it to prosper and be able to fund new development, remodel's etc.

When I'm travelling with friends I don't share a room anymore, as I've told my friends when they first broached the subject for those that hadn't been out to LV with me in a while, I told them rooms were cheap enough if they looked and since it's each of our vacations there's no reason to share. I get the reason people would want to share on a trip and $30/night seems a bit high for a guarantee of an extra bed.

As Mike wrote, perhaps it reduces the family, fraternity room fills that have been more common in LV anyway and perhaps that will be a positive, but considering the amount of rooms on the strip its not like that crowd won't be in LV anyway or filling the clubs, restaurants or other areas. They may keep them from staying at Aria, but you are still going to run into them during a trip.

David McKee's "Stiffs and Georges" column today suggests MGM has laid out a contingency plan for demolition of the Harmon.

Vespa, You explained my point better than I ever could have. Right now the gaming companies are turning away from what made Vegas a tourist destination.

Asides from the gambling and no open bottle law is there anything the differs Vegas from LA, Miami or New York? I mean good shopping, good food, good lodging and fancy clubs can all be found in any trendy city.

I guess my point is maybe it is not just the economy that is hurting Vegas. Why would someone pay $300 in airfare (current price from MSP) plus room in order to go to Vegas for shitty gambling, expensive food, crappy clubs and shopping when that can be done at home?


The problem is that long ago, Las Vegas and AC were the only places in the States to gamble. All of that has changed. Las Vegas resorts were forced to diversify their revenue streams away from gambling because the same effect you are talking about began to apply to it. Essentially, the LV gambling experience could be had much closer to home.
Casinos needed to introduce more options and bring in customers that perhaps would have gone to Miami or LA. With the dining, shows, and nightlife they now pick Vegas. Plus, those various revenue streams are also a higher margin business for the casinos so they prefer a dollar of revenue from the hotel over a dollar at a table game, and even slots in some instances.
The problem with this is that those other forms of entertainment are much more cyclical than is gambling, which historically stood up quite nicely to recessionary pressures. Now, however, people spend less money on all of those other things, which had the effect of reduced visitation and in an ancillary fashion, reduced gaming revenue.

Whether it's airlines or hotels, I prefer a' la carte pricing. I don't like it when fees are hidden, but given a choice upfront I will pick what I like. And, as was stated previously, Vegas rooms are ridiculously inexpensive.
I do think more of an effort could be made to reward-entice gamblers. Even though they don't generate the % return they are not nearly as fickle. Maybe Murren will have to be set straight by Big Ed.

Hell yeah you can borrow a monacle! I have several to choose from!!

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