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Cosmopolitan Lights Up

By Blackjacker1979 on Wednesday, 1st September 2010 5:10pm
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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, you know, the better Gateway to CityCenter has finally donned it's evening attire in full for the world to see.

Two weekends ago while concluding my trip at Bellagio I saw some lighting tests that were being performed late at night which included testing of the external lights on both the East and West Towers and the podium façade.

Cosmopolitan Turns On

As per the renderings earlier released, the towers are spotted with bars of blue light at a designed-random pattern, along with blue dots on the east-facing ends of both towers. The podium however is something totally different at night, with a white bar tracing each bend and kink in the waved glass façade. The results are rather stunning.

Cosmopolitan Turns On
Cosmopolitan Turns On
Cosmopolitan Turns On

In addition more signs have been installed and are now lit, including entrance sides from the Bellagio entrance, and the Harmon bridge. Concrete in a nifty new crystalline pattern is also being installed on the strip side of the building, giving more sneak peaks of the casino and dining/retail establishments already being built out.

One thing that is unclear, even after the Cosmo's Twitter feed, is rather these lights are static or will fade, trace, blink, or otherwise. The tests seem to show the ability to do these things, but at this point its hard to tell if this is purposed, or completely related to installation snafus they are trying to fix. Check out the video and decide for yourself:

<embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/HhRqSgnQ5W4?fs=1&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="505"></embed>

Just one or more steps towards an opening we're already excited for. December can't come fast enough can it?

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Comments & Discussion:

Cute dog ;)

I miss oldschool neon

why am i suddenly reminded of a scene from blade runner or tron?

Whoa, a Tron themed casino would be fucking awesome.

I would SHRED in a TRON casino...Let's do this!

It doesnt look intentional at the moment.

I think it could be static, but i'm secretly hoping that the lights will utilize fading individual bars at random to give it a pulsating kind of look. also, they'd be foolish to no install tri colored LED's to give them flexibility on color.

My money is on static or slowly pulsating. Think "sleep light" on apple products. that faint slow breath like fade. that would be pretty cool.

I'm hoping for a 'Close Encounter of the Third Kind' sort of pulsating movement. I am least glad they are adding a little life to that side of the strip. Planet Hollywood has so much movement on the front that it makes CC look closed.

I like the Tron idea--you could bet on lightcycle races up and down the tower.

For the record, I miss neon too. I do think this has promise if it wasn't a snafu. I at least like the idea of it.

Yes, we are all thinking about the old Stardust and even the Rio lights. Some nice ideas above. What could the Tropicana do with a wild front of neon or led lights? They've done the inside. They could really shine with the lighting on the outside.

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