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Dear Steve Wynn...

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 1st September 2010 2:49pm
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Dear Steve Wynn,

On behalf of all of the Vegas trippers....

Thank you.

I owe you a beer.



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(golf clap)

And the article featured Jennifer Dunne...


+3 for Jennifer Dunne gracing humanity with her words on this day...

Next step. Ban Paris Hilton FROM LAS VEGAS!
Is it just me or does she have some long ass fucking fingers? She seriously looks like a skelington.

I second that THANK YOU! 1 less DB at the Wynn!

One less turd in the pool.

I think he did the wrong thing actually. Cy and Jesse made XS the #1 nightclub in America and a huge amount of profit for Wynn. Yes, Cy may have questionable taste in women, but it\'s not like Steve is an angel when it comes to relationships. And honestly I don\'t see how losing an important team member could do anything but hurt nightclub operations. People that go to these clubs could care less if some staff member got a DUI.

Disclaimer: I'm typing this from a chair next to the XS pool, so I may be hypnotized and not thinking straight... But tell me why I'm wrong here?

You are wrong. Steve has to set the bar high for his staff\'s behavior. That\'s why his product is the best. Set the bar high and be consistent.

gaming regulations are pretty strict about having high ranking employees being drug users. he had to go.

Well I hope that losing 2 out of the 3 top minds in the Vegas club scene doesn't turn into a multi-million dollar mistake for Wynn. I think it's telling that XS continues to outperform Surrender/EBC... Different management, different results

Happy happy, joy joy, happy happy, joy joy!

He didn't ban Paris for the drugs. Every time she opened her legs, it screwed up the club's acoustics.

Good job Mr Wynn! Will never get the hype of these talentless "celebrities".

Here's hoping Sean Christie never got the message, has her hosting New Year's Eve, and gets the boot himself.

Who would have ever thought....DB clean up in Vegas. What is the world coming to?

All press is good press. Negotiations are already underway for Paris' triumphant return from exile to host at XS next summer. As much as everyone wants to pile on, the celebutards do alot to promote Vegas. A little cocaine and pot should be expected in the nightclub scene. Cy will have another gig in a week.

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