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Wynn Website To Dump Flash?

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 31st August 2010 4:35am
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Wynn website

Over the last five years I've loaded up the Wynn Las Vegas website a non-scientific average of 5.8475 times per week. Sometimes more, sometimes less... but every time I've waited and waited and waited for it to load, praying that this time it won't hang up when the loading status reaches the always problematic 51% mark. I'd say I wait between 20 and 50 seconds each time for it to load. Granted, it has gotten better since we began our campaign to have it fixed (thank you Wynn!)

Whispers we're hearing is that Wynn Resorts web team (which has a 'catchy in 1998' name I seemed to have forgotten... oh wait they're called The eSurprises Team) is currently developing a new html;based website interface. I would assume that there will be some degree of flash in there somewhere, HTML 5 is still a tough row to hoe when The Steve wants to describe the onslaught of pending stupefaction.

Counting the days.... 5.8475 times per week x 52 weeks x 5 years x :35 seconds of waiting = 11.8249 hours of my time lost, waiting.

In a Mr. Hand kinda way... I want my time back.

I could've watched Avatar four times, done The Godfather Trilogy with Scarface as an intermission, listened to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida about 45 times in a row, listened to the entire studio output of Pink Floyd, had an acid powow with the ghost of Jim Morrison's twice, watched all Cirque du Soleil shows, walked from Vegas to Primm, hand washed a 747, got arrested for cocaine possession and released by Metro four times, or just got stoned and watched MTV (circa 1982 - ooh la la Martha Quinn!)

How soon is now?

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Not soon enough. I'm definitely not a fan of the Flash-intensive websites. And who wants to hear Steve Wynn all day, anyways?

Am I the only one who has never had a problem loading Wynn's website?

What annoys me more is the music. Any website with music really annoys me. I'm almost always listening to something of my own while browsing.

I've never had a problem with Wynn's website.

@Trevelbond I hate the music too, I always mute my computer when I visit it

I'm glad they are dumping flash, its the only thing that crashes my web browser.

I have had a problem with Wynn's website loading since day one.I will be glad if they change it.Mine also gets to about 70% then fails.Have never had that happen with any other casino site.At least the Wynn application for the android works well for me.

Did anyone ever find the suprises?

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