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Dear Encore...

By Blackjacker1979 on Saturday, 28th August 2010 5:00pm
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Encore Heartbreak

To my beloved Encore,

This is not a Dear Jane letter. Or a Dear Steve letter. It isn't a demand or ultimatum. In reality, I think you should use this, a letter written with highest regard of what you were, as an intervention to what you've become.

You see, my birthday trip came this year, and like always, I decided to spend my time in the graces of the luxury that is your trademark. You are the younger hipper sister of Wynn, but somewhere along the way, someone told you that one wasn't good enough and you had a bit of work done to improve yourself.

The results, while beautiful, are turning you. You've become a party pit for the rich and careless. Your suites, once home to relaxation after a night at the tables, are now replenished with 6 to a room douchebaggers who security can't even stop from partying. Getting to sleep at 3am? Not on your life, even after a security visit. The party outside doesn't stop thumping ‘til 4am. This is aside from staff that are slipping, allowing broken electronics and fixtures to go untouched, and which even the best informed staff can't seem to fix for 3 days.

Spending time out of the room, nothing is even remotely better unless it's in the daytime, or midweek between Tuesday and Thursday. Your floor, now book ended by a classy club and a place that while beautiful attracts something far less than, has become a middling ground of lunacy, arrogance, and behavior best reserved for O'Sheas. Gambling? Forget it. Who wants to lose money because the rich kids who wanna try something different stumbled out of a club and are afraid to hit a soft 3 against a 5?

Oh yeah. And one more thing. If I'm your guest, let me in. I don't appreciate waiting for you outside. Did I mention that for 20 minutes I waited, and that your handlers wouldn't let me exit the cab I was in to even enjoy that 20 minutes baking on a sidewalk with some semblance of freedom. Oh and "at capacity" doesn't equate to driving up to an empty port cochere when finally released from your holding pen.

What can you do? Aside from shutting certain things down and reclaiming yourself, I have no idea. A few people strived to try to help my situation, but ultimately I left with a taste in my mouth it will take some time to get out. This is not you Encore. What happened?

Oh, and by the way, several of your supporters and workers told me to tell you they miss you. And they desperately want you back as I do.

Until a hopefully better next time,


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Comments & Discussion:

who else feels this way?

I think Encore worked when it was just XS. Has the new Surrender/Encore beach club changed all this?

Uh oh. Guess where I'm staying for the next three nights starting tomorrow?

Hopefully I won't be disappointed.

You're hitting sunday to midweek, you should be better. Weekends are the worst.

I know this aging European lady and this new Asian chick who just dropped into town. They'll help you.

Is this stuff as bad a problem at Wynn? People keep picking Encore for better rooms, I know, but Wynn is renovating. If you get Tower Suites then you should be especially far from any entrance control worries, or sound from far north.

I stayed at Encore for 5 nights back in May. Checked in on a Wednesday, checked out on a Monday. This was before the Beach Club and Surrender opened. My stay there was great. I'm glad I got an opportunity to stay there at a good rate. Not liking what I am hearing here.

i think there should be a rule that six people are not allowed to stay in the sane hotel room

Sucks you had a shitty experience; especially given you had such good times before. Thankfully my stay last week from Thursday to Monday was great and everything I hoped it would be. I was worried Id have loud parties in the rooms next to me, dbags taking over the casnio from EBC etc but in all reality I didnt notice any of it. Im not saying the dbags weren't there but I was too busy having a good time to notice. I guess I am still a Wynncore fan... for now. However I do think my next stay will be at the Tower Suites.

I just returned from a trip to Encore a week ago, and the first thing I noticed was how packed the place was compared to Wynn, but it was all young people wearing dresses short enough to be shirts. When we checked into the tower suites, I heard a couple asking about the 'new crowd' and one of the tower suites representatives told them "well, they thought they would build a beach club and make money and attract more people, but unfortunately..." so the employees are not happy. Every night there were a group of guys partying till 5 AM. And on top of that we were on the 55th floor and didn't just hear the 'oonze oonze' but I could hear lyrics clearly. During the day the resort pool turns up the music and blasts popular tracks instead of the quieter and more relaxing music. There was never anyone to open our doors at the port cochere whenever we pulled up in the taxi either. However, they did just open a dueling pianos lounge where the eastside lounge is and here music is the perfect atmosphere for encore (more mood instead of party).

I don't like it, but Encore is fulfilling the vision Steve Wynn put forth at opening:
"Wynn said that with Encore, he focused on a younger crowd and nightlife.
“It’s changed Las Vegas and it’s a sign in the change of tastes of the younger generation that want to be part of the show, not in the audience,” he said. “They want to be the actors.”

I stayed the weekend after EBC opened and had a totally different experience. Aside from Society being packed and a few people in bathing suits walking the west hallway, the casino was normal. I got a north facing room to avoid the club noise and really didn't hear a peep from anyone. I will concede the cab (drop and pickup) wait is annoying; especially when there is no line.

Women in next to nothing bathing suits were happening in Encore long before the new clubs were open..the casino is still one of favorite to play in..but I'll know more later this fall..was really wanting to book a room at Encore, but this has me worried..

My questions for the Wynn folks are ultimately these: Is there no better place to put the line for Surrender than right down the middle of Encore's casino? Couldn't the line for Surrender originate outside of the building, routing the club goers through EBC?

Is there nothing that can be done about the throngs of people in the Encore Esplanade outside of XS? Was it always your intention for it to take 30 minutes for a non-club going patron to make it from Encore to Wynn on a Saturday night?

Can you honestly say that, on a per capita basis, you have sufficient security on the busiest of club nights? Are you hearing any of this less than positive feedback from your once loyal non-club going customers? Do you care?

^^^They can't hear you over the noise of the clubs or the cash registers the douchebags are filling with their trust funds and maxed out visas!

Blackjacker complains, and the Gods of Fate step in. Here's a little schadenfraude for your Monday morning...

"Cy Waits, 34, lost his job as head of nightclub operations for Wynn and Encore properties, shortly after he and Hilton were busted for an alleged cocaine-toting joy ride, E! News reported."

Bwaa ha ha... Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/paris_beau_axed_after_coke_bust_IsyVTGAjRoVw9weuGxeWGI#ixzz0y5yNl400

Wynn made $100M from his clubs last year, $70M from XS alone. I'm glad I prefer Wynn TS, safe and removed.

Beware, a certain Wynn-disliker over on Hunter's blog will tell you that Wynn Tower Suites are vulnerable to noise from Tryst.

The company may be sacrificing Waits to mollify those of us concerned about the negative effects of the changes, but with the departure of Drai and now this, I'm a little concerned for the continued positive impact to Wynn Resorts' bottom line....

I just hope that Drai and Waits weren't the only two with the Grey Goose/Red Bull distributor's phone number. If so, those clubs will be shuttered by the holidays.

Actually, come to think of it, that is my Christmas wish for you all. Peace on Earth, or at least Encore's casino floor.

RE: Tryst/TS comment; at least Tryst is only open certain nights. Compared to XS/Surrender/EBC all day all night party, between the 3 of them thats many hours of thumping. Wynn TS is for sure the quietest of the rooms at both towers, especially if you consider your neighbors are less likely to be having a room party. I find it hard to believe you would hear much in a high TS room in the Wynn tower.

Personally I am up late enough and on a high enough floor that it never bothers me at Encore or Wynn but I certainly understand how it could drive someone mad.

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