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Aria Reboots Website

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 27th August 2010 5:19am
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Aria Reboots Website

Aria has rebooted its website. Gone is the dark blue city scape, replaced by lovely brown interiors and readable fonts. Yes, they've taken our advice and banished the horrible copperplate font used for navigation and interior signage for something sharp clean and clear.

Also notable is the addition of some higher resolution photos of rooms and spaces.

One thing they didn't get rid of is the annoying "peekaboo window" navigation nonsense... yes, it is still annoying as ever.

Overall, a huge improvement. Check it out here.

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Comments & Discussion:

Sadly all it does now is show how dull Aria really is. The place lacked excitement for me, browns just don't work in Vegas. Of all the next joints I have stayed in over the years, Aria was the biggest disappointment.

Now if they could just reboot the entire complex and make it seem less like a healthcare provider's corporate offices, I might be tempted to give it more than just a casual walkthru on my way from a fun place to a more fun place.

I've yet to visit ARIA. When we went in December it wasn't opened yet. I do want to visit it on my next trip to Vegas though, maybe even stay there if the price is right. I like the idea of the natural light coming into the building. We visit Encore for the first time last December and looking outside from the casino was awesome. It's a really great idea.

Nice improvement on the website. I agree on the complex itself it really is lacking something, its too sterile. I stayed there in feb and left dissapointed, it wasnt terrible but it wasnt great either.

I will say though I spent a lot of time in the casino last week and had a great time, there was a good deal of energy and the best drink service I have ever had in a casino... i swear i musta had 10 drinks in the short time i was gambling.

I have to say, confusing and convoluted as it is, I like Aria. My girlfriend thought it was ok. On a recent trip with my mom, I was surprised that she enjoyed all of the hotels/casino's that we hopped into. She's "chinese" so of course she wanted photo's of the jesters at Harrahs.. *sigh*.

What surprised me though, was the fact that she HATED Aria/Crystals. She thought Aria was too dark and confusing, with each section being walled off in different materials and just didn't feel comfortable.

I like Aria, it's very different from all of the other places you'll find on the strip. I'm just disappointed that it turned out to be such a big let down. I much prefer the new website though. It reminds me of "Bing." I couldn't find "Pocket Park" listed as an amenity though.

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