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Aria Sky Suites No Longer So Sweet

By MikeE on Thursday, 26th August 2010 2:45pm
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It lacks the refinement of a Mandarin, the elegance of a Wynncore Tower Suites, and if it weren't for an entire wall dedicated to a camouflage Warhol, you'd swear this hotel within a hotel haven was inspired by a hospital.

I'm talking about Aria's Sky Suites. A cutting edge concept on the whole idea of completely separating the big whales from the fish, Sky Suites is a direct rip off of Wynn Tower Suites right down to a high limit room and two Asian restaurants - one casual and one fine dining - just outside its doors.

But it misses the mark and by a looooong shot. The lobby and lounge areas are simply too big for their intended purpose with only a couple incredibly cool Fu Dog-inspired sculptures worthy of conversation. Low slung seating heightens the drama of the high ceilings. The problem is, there aren't any windows, views, or hardly any art on the walls to dramatize. While I generally love all of CityCenter's buildings and interiors, this whole space is a missed opportunity - totally cold and sterile. In plain terms, what's supposed to be the most luxurious area of the resort doesn't feel very luxurious at all.

But I've always given Sky Suites the benefit of the doubt. Hell, I've even recommended them several times. Why? Free alcohol. Open fucking bar. And mostly top shelf stuff, too. You just don't find that in Vegas anymore.

But now, unfortunately, I can't even make that recommendation anymore. As predicted when Aria first opened its doors, the free liquor has been discontinued. Yes, that's right: gone. No booze for me, no booze for you, no booze to make your surroundings at the very least *feel* luxurious.


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Timely piece, I was just thinking about staying there for a night next week and the hook was the open bar.

MikeE, I have one booked as I will be playing Shadow Creek and thought I'd check them out instead of my usual Bellagio stay. Another Wynn TS imitation that falls short is the separate entrance is limos only. I drive and am forced to use the separate north valet. So unlike the fantastic TS valet easy in and out, I will not benefit from the separate facility. May be back to the B next year. We'll see.


"Inspired by a hospital". Mike, are you sure you're a musician? You're a great writer.

Give me a comp and discontinue the goods. Failure.

Well they were still serving Wine and I think beer, but sadly no Goose :(

The two excuses we got, were that people were taking bottles up to the room and underage types were getting alcohol from there.

^ That's pretty bogus, because there's no other way for kids to get alcohol in Vegas.

In my mind this is a pretty MGM move, cut off the nose to spite the face. "We're losing too much money on this free alcohol, so we'll stop." Clearly they do not see this as a threat to lose customers. It's like the 6:5 blackjack of hotel management.

aahhhh.....my fault.....maybe I apass out too manmy keys to , well dudes who make $250K ANE love to gamble....my bad.

There isn't enough free vodka to make me pay a dime to stay there.

MikeE, I just got off the phone with Gary Lovesmen. He says he'll give you an emperor suite at Caesars with all the booze you can drink for just $250,000. He's asking you nicely now, but he says that some of the rough guys around the office are talking about a hole in the desert that has your name on it. LMAO - Here's the link: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2010/aug/26/caesars-palace-pay-250000-over-baccarat-players-ta/

I'm gearing up for my 2nd stay at Aria next month, and it really makes me mad that some greedy people ruin amenities like the Sky Suites lounge for others.

I have been graciously upgraded to a Sky Suite for next month's stay, and I really was looking forward to having ONE, maybe TWO complimentary Ketel One or Grey Goose vodka cocktails in the Sky Suites lounge. I would never even DREAM of taking an ENTIRE BOTTLE out of the lounge, as alexanbo mentions in an earlier comment.

I wish people would THINK sometimes before ruining stuff for other people. Go ahead and be a jerk in Vegas, just don't mess with my cocktails!

Thanks MikeE for the update - I'm glad to know before I go!



#1 they never served Ketel One.
#2 i was with alexanbo during the "incident" in question. what ACTUALLY happened was 6-7 of us drank the remainder of a 1/3 full 1 liter bottle of goose, with some minor spillage.
#3 I personally spoke with Aria security and Alfred the attendent of the sky suites lounge, and 2 customer service reps. All parties confirmed the reason the lounge removed alcohol had ZERO to do with cost and was 100% dictated by an incident in which minors took a bottle back to their room.

Before you start throwing around the insults and annoint yourself the holy guardian of free vegas booze, you might want to consider the quality of your information and your inability to read between the lines on various tongue-in-cheek posting exagerations.

If your that fucking upset about it I'll call my host at Aria and have a bottle of goose sent to your room.

BTW, love the complaint about GREED and GLUTTONY in Vegas.

Well I'm gonna try to "gear up" for 1-2 drinks next month. I hope no one does anything Greedy in Vegas over the next month to screw that up for me or I'll really be bummed out and have to flame some person I've never met over something I have no clue about.

Relax, we're all friends here! Not worth the stress over a drink or two of goose. Too bad about the sky lounge alcohol situation, but I dont see how this will stop underaged folks from drinking. I started drinking since I was 14.. there's always a way to get your hands on some boosage. If nothing else, it would be nice if Aria allowed Sky Suite guests to get free drinks at Aria bars. But I doubt that would happen.

BeeeJay, I live vicariously through your trip reports! Thank you!

No prob, it is my pleasure to share the experiences.

That particular sky suites lounge has a design "flaw" not shared by the still-open version at Bellagio. The liquor itself is behind this wall where none of the staff, except the attendent is able to see. In fact if you didn't know it was there, you would have to get lucky to find it. I'm not sure how we all found it. I didn't even know about the restrooms until last trip. But basically the attendant is not there the full hours of operation as things are obviously quite slow most of the day. Then when things pick up in the early evening, the attendent spends part of his time helping guests for tips, but a lot of time restocking with this little cart. Eventually they added a second lady to help Alfred out, but she seemed like she was only part-time. What I suspect happened is some parents busted their kids and raised a stink about where they got the alcohol. Obviously most of us drank before being 21, but its a hot button issue now and taken far more seriously by businesses than 20 years ago. I can think of two cases in Chicago suburbs in the past 5 years where parents or older siblings have gone to jail for providing alcohol for parties with minors that led to accidents. Regardless, I think we all know Aria doesn't give a shit if they are giving me and my heavy spending and gambling friends our free drinks at the tables or via the sky suites lounge. They are getting their money, or not getting it in the case of my recently refunded pre-paid $3,540 penthouse reservation for Oct 7-12. Not to mention what I would have gambled there. I am 100% confident the design flaw combined with a strong parental complaint left them with some staff attorney who felt backed into a corner. They basically had no choice.

The only reason I got my panties in a bunch is the Greed blame game put on Alexanbo. No one would even know about this stuff if we weren't sharing it, so going after us for being pigs or whatever is a little disengenuous. Anyone who has read comp city realizes how the game is played. And its only a "game" if suckers like me feel at least a little bit like we are getting over on the man, be it for a free drink or a free room.

Not to belabor the point but my last sky suites visit consisted of me slipping a $5 spot to the doorman, slipping a $10 spot to Alfred, grabbing a 10 oz. diet coke, a strawberry, two ritz crackers, and a piece of cheese. And oh yeah hitting that fancy pisser I knew nothing about. If that makes me a greedy douchebag taking advantage of Aria and screwing Admiral Upgrade out of 1.5 Ketel Tonics then I guess I'll have someone to apologize to when I start my 12-step program.


Can you get a bottle of goose sent to my Mirage room next trip?? ;}

Self-respecting adults drink Ketel?

Geez, beej
maybe I missed something but rpjjr's comment didn't seem like it was directed at you or alexanbo, in the unlikely event s/he was even aware of who you are. It seemed to be in reference to the explanation from management that alexanbo was relating to us and which you further elaborated upon.

I see no accusation directed at either of you in that comment; rather, I read it as a follow-on about the ones who *did* cause the problem. Seriously. Whoa. Misreading can go both ways....


You are right on that point. I was wrong. I had it confused and didn't properly re-read Alexanbo's post. My apologies for that part of my post.

My primary issue is the dude taking up against people being greedy pigs in vegas. I'm a disciple of the "Comp City" theory of playing the Vegas comp game. If you've read that book the writer, Max Rubin, advocates basically grabbing everything you can from the evil casinos.

That is my belief. I think the poster whom I took issue with is diametrically opposed showing a belief that doing that is "ruining it for everyone". In reality the larger gamblers who are pigs are allowing the existance of those amenities in the first place for the guy who has 1-2 drinks and plays just enough to get upgraded to Sky Suites.

So to summarize regardless of the wording the guy is attacking my group for something he would know nothing about had we not posted these updates.


You're totally correct on all counts - I'm a huge fan of your trip reports on Vegas Message Board and also a fellow Chicagoan.

I am not even in your league with regard to Vegas - I spend less than $2,000 total the two times per year I come to Vegas. I was unhappy to read this post and vented poorly. Next time I'll probably just not post a comment.

Thanks for clearing stuff up and being informative.

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