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FF: JimMurren

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 25th August 2010 6:09am
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A few weeks ago, our cozy circle of Twitter dorques became aflutter at the news that the one and only James 'Jim' 'Jimbo' Murren, CEO of MGM WhateverTheyCallItNow, the brain that brought you The CityCenter and The Gateway To CityCenter, the guy who bragged to The Strip that he had never set foot in Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn or Encore, had.... dum dum duuuummmm.... joined Twitter.

Gasp! @jimmurren!

Really? The smart money was skeptical, but nobody could be sure... was @jimmurren really on Twitter? Ready to engage with the rest of the world via social networking?

Up until a coupla days ago, only two people knew for sure. Jim Murren and me.

About four months ago, I registered the @jimmurren account, snagged an artsy posed profile photo found via Google image search and wrangled up a very official looking background image using the recently rebrandished MGM Whatevertheycallit logo.

The plan? Silently wait until @jimmurren had a sizeable following then start tweeting insanely mundane shit. "Soccer practice. Damn its hot out here." "#ff @mgmgrand, @luxorlv...", "Is twitter down?", "loving netflix on ipad"...

Eventually moving on to more goofy pursuits like "Separated at birth: Alan Feldman / Norman Chad?", "I wish we could've hired Don Draper to do the Aria ad campaign", "if i see one more of my resorts giving a free burger to those twitter whores, someone is gonna get fired", "OMG. Kerkorian smells like garbanzo beans. you'd think that a guy with all that money could afford some Drakkar Noir", "yes, we're selling Mirage. stop fucking asking me", "@brianfey thanks for increasing your position on our dog. are you sure you ain't from Dubai?"

Finally, we'd start giving the real Jim Murren some advice on how to be a better @jimmurren, even offer to turn the account over to him as long as he promised to actually use it.

Just like that other gigantic prank we had planned this one got ganked before the fun part truly started. Someone ratted out @jimmurren to the folks at Twitter, who promptly suspended the account the other day, leaving @jimmurren's 30 odd followers dangling in the wind.

Jim Murren Twitter

Rats! Foiled again!

Currently, I can still log into @jimmurren, but the account is completely locked down. The good news is MGM's goons can get Twitter's to take @jimmurren, but they can't take every permutation - @jimbomurren @jmurren @murren @j_murren @jim_murren @jimbomgm @mgmjim @mgmmurren @murrensmirage @murrkorian @jiminthecitycenter @jimbosclownroom @jmurrenmgm @gamingceo @mgmboss @mgmheadhoncho @murrentasm @murrenist @murrenism @murrenlasvegas @jimboferrari @jimmymurr @jmurr @themurrenation @murrster @murrender @murrynn and so on and so on and so on.

All of us.
An army of Murren.
We will never be defeated.

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Damn.. sorry for ruining your gag

we are anonymous.
we are legion.


Want to make mischief? Post your Aria reviews, Part Un and Part Deux. Whatcha waiting fer?

How about some retaliatory ganking of the actual MGM twitter accounts?

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