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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Chuck The Monster And More...

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 23rd August 2010 4:46pm
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Monster Baby Pic

For the VT freaks out there who want to know some of the details about the site's origins ('twas an accident), how the business/technological side of things work (they don't), our plans for the future (none) and a little bit about me (I'm an A-hole), Admiral Hillegas managed to pin me down for a two hour interview about all the above subjects and a whole lot more.

Despite my intense desire to remain non-famous and completely anonymous, I did manage to let a whole bunch of information about my personal life slip through the firewall. Ooops.

Oh and yeah, thats me... at three months of age in early January 1969. A photo which my wife calls "Little Big Head." I am still left handed.

Listen to the interview here.

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Nerd. j/k j/k j/k

total nerd.

Me next
I was born in 1985 - in a hospital that's now a state prison (this is true).
I traveled all over the United States as a kid. I've been to just about every state.
I currently attend a state college that sucks, obtaining a degree in Accounting.
I have a sleeve of horror movie characters on my arm. I was married in Vegas by Elvis.
I gamble, smoke, drink, and travel the world to party. I live the life that you get when you don't have kids. I get looked down on because I don't have them and people make me feel guilty every time I take a vacation because it's for a party and not for sightseeing. Future CONFIRMED plans are Oktoberfest - Munich 2011 and an early European trip in May 2011. Either back to Amsterdam or to Berlin.

Thanks for reading, for those of you that care.

Oh and I'm half German. My dad is from Hamburg. My mom is from Kentucky. Half German, half redneck. And I love heavy metal music!!

which half is german? top or bottom?

Sandy Astroglide. I'm older than most dinosaurs, and half as smart. I'm addicted to Vegas, vodka, and vag...um vaguely descriptive usernames. I'm German, Irish, and Dutch, so I'm bent on world domination, but too drunk to accomplish it while wearing these wooden shoes.

That baby looks retarded.

^^ that baby is

Chuck - I'm going to say the top part is. When I was in Germany people said my face gave it away. I have a wide jawline, blonde hair, and a nice frame. German engineering - we're built tough. I look just like my dad to. I have none of my mom features. My grandparents were raised during the Reich and I hate everything so I think I got the mindset from them.

I plan to listen to it on a flight tomorrow. Maybe I'll drift off to sleep and wake up with facial hair.

That's some cranium!

Hey, a fellow Hudson Valley'er! Great interview!

OK - So how many of us are from the Hudson Valley?

Big head, big brain! Big Hoss be careful what you dream about. You may wakeup with a full compliment of back hair.

I wish I had some mad Photoshop skillz, as that baby photo is calling for having the "omelette" hat being added to it....

I just listened to the interview, and I'm happy to say that I learned some things about Chuck and Vegas. That was a really good talk between Chuck and Hunter, and I'm really glad that Chuck shared as much as he did.

Strange, meaningless fact: Chuck and I were born four years apart, and visited Vegas for the first time four years apart.

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