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Meet The New Hotness... The VT Dining Guide

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 23rd August 2010 4:02pm
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VT Dining Guide

I'm very happy to announce the launch of our the brand new Dining Guide. As illustrated by the screen grab above, you can access it by the "Dining" tab in the nav (fyi - the showguide is being sent to the cleaners for a while) and drill down by "Stuff" by joint or by cuisine types.

As many of you know we've been threatening to unleash this thing for the last two years and working on it for three. Why did it take so long? After doing the hard work of scraping together all the information contained within, the recession happened and nearly every joint in town did a major shakeout of their dining options, rendering a large chunk of the hard earned the data gathering useless.

Managing the information inside is nearly a full time job. As such, we throughly expect that you will find restaurants missing or closed, changed hours, questionable categories, missing ratings and all that good fun stuff that proves we're humans.

So get in there, poke around, tell us what we've missed, where we've goofed, and leave a review or three for your favorite joints.

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Comments & Discussion:

Uh... Where's the Paris buffet? It wasn't listed under buffets.

jacked up category.

who posted the DuPar's review? need to debug stuff.

Ok checked it out and posted a couple of reviews. So far, so good.

Cool. Now I won't have to fill out one of those Zagat surveys to get a free copy of that guide that goes out of date by the time they mail it.

Love the guide and the format, especially the ease to get in and post reviews. I've always hesitated in posting reviews for dining, in that it takes forever to knock out a couple opinions. I was able to knock out a fair amount today in some limited time. Great job Chuck on the layout and content.

Just two fyis, I missed the rating system for the restaurants on my first two. I'd put Bellagio Buffet at a 6 (a 6 for buffets) and the coffee shop at a 5 if you want to add them to my reviews. Also Cabo Wabo at PH isn't showing up from what I found.

Is there a character limit? The box for typing text accepted my Mix review, but it got cut off when posted.

I posted the Du-Par's review.

The reviews do not maintain white space formatting. This is a fairly fatal flaw in my opinion. Paragraph breaks are critical in order to be able to write clearly. Otherwise everything looks like a giant run on sentence. It renders longer, multi-paragraph as a giant wall of text that is positively painful to read.

Please fix this. Someone posted a giant review on Bouchon and I stopped reading it two sentences because it looked awful. My reviews also look terrible without the benefit of basic paragraph breaks.

Okay, your review submission code is broken. Seriously. I just typed in a 8 paragraph review of Wing Lei, and only two sentences got through because I actually used a hash-character '#' in the review, and the HTML submit code decided that there was no more text after that.

Seriously bummed. No, I didn't save the text anywhere.

attica, thank you for the bug reports. i'm working to fix all of these right now.

attica - there was an encoding bug in the javascript that submits the review which truncated any and all reviews that had a handful of specific html characters in it. i have fixed it. also, the white space bug has also been fixed... all new reviews should preserve whitespace.

along with the flexibility of rolling our own software comes the joys of having stuff not work perfectly when we first launch it. thank you for point out our goofs.

i'd fire our programmer, but he's the only one we've got - me. HA!


Thanks for responding. The pleasures of 1.0 software. I feel your pain in ways that you do not yet know.

I take it that you were unable to recover the large Wing Lei review I wrote? Let me know if you can save it. If not please nuke the existing one and I'll try again in a few days.

it never made it to the database. url snipped it at the hash. my deepest apologies.

Trying to get a hold of you. I tried to submit my rewritten Wing Lei review and it's still having a problem. I suspect either a URL encoding problem or I'm blowing past the post-limit on the URL. I'm more than happy to work this problem out with you offline.

Chuck, one question I have. Have you given any thought to having something under the user's profile that might give some background on their dining choices in Vegas? For example, when I'm in Vegas, I eat high end all the time, value's important, buffet fanatic, etc.

The reason I ask is it might help with someone looking at the guide and seeing the user's background. I also thought of it as I entered a 5 or 6 for Wynn buffets and then would do the same for Bradley Ogden. I realize many of the reviewers are going to understand the difference between the 6 stars due to type of restaurant, but just thought I'd add my two cents.

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