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How I Got 86'd From Caesars Palace

By MikeE on Friday, 20th August 2010 3:44pm
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I've been known to throw a low blow or two at Caesars every now and then, but my hatred is rooted far deeper than its Venetian-esque faux everything. I loathe them far more than their maze-like floor plan and rip-off pricing would suggest. The real reason isn't Matt Goss or the fact that it's the go-to stomping grounds of the Kardashian ilk.

No, the real reason I don't like Caesars is that I was recently 86'd from the joint. Kicked out. Told me money's no longer welcome.

So here's what happened. As most of you already know, I love me some baccarat and take the superstitions involved with the game very, very seriously. Well, after having my ass handed to me last October on the blackjack tables of the Pussycat Dolls pit, I declared that scantily clad women dancing before the players was bad luck. So I decided to find somewhere far from that sort of crowd and took a seat at a baccarat table inside the high limit room. I was treading water for a good while, holding my own on the crowded table, when suddenly, it hit me: if beautiful women dancing above players was bad luck, than maybe a hairy oaf like myself dancing atop the table would bring good fortune.

And so I did it. I took my coat off and climbed up. Green felt would be my dance floor that night. To call the course of the events for the remainder of the night "epic" would be an understatement.

The ladies at the table took their score cards and started fanning themselves while tossing blacks and purples at me. The men were paying off my commissions as their long shot tie bets kept hitting. By the next shoe, streaks upon streaks of natural nines hit as this perfect ten strutted everything he had.

Everyone thought it was awesome, except the Gaming Control Board. Now I'm no longer welcome.

Big thanks to VT superfriend Paolo for calling me out. Jerk.

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Comments & Discussion:

I was actually just joking when I @replied to you with that link. I must be clairvoyant.

Caesars 86'd me too. They said I was banned for not wearing pants in the casino. What the hell?

if you have to wear pants in the casino can i take them off at the buffet?

It's all about compromise. I've found that most casinos are okay with assless chaps.

I heared dey kicked you out cuz you wuz muslim.

Wow, you just made yourself my epic casino megahero.

I don't know what is funnier: 1. The story itself 2. Mike's "retelling" of the story 3. Few of us would be surprised it indeed it truly was Mike. (However on the last score, while I can understand Mike being in Ceasars, I cannot quiet see him fighting to get back in.)

Didncha know Caesars was holy ground?

Why are you mad at Caesars? They let you do it. Isn't the GCB your real target?

The one piece of this story (both the report in the paper and MikeE's post here) doesn't mention if MikeE was up playing Bac or just managed to stay afloat from the tokes of fellow players.

MikeE: Sorry for your luck.

Cost to Caesar's: $250k. Not bad for a few table dances from the legendary MikeE. http://bk.ly/tCA

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