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TropTripping: Caption This Coconut

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 19th August 2010 4:48pm
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Caption Coconut

So I just happened to be sitting in the Celebration Lounge at the brand renewed Tropicana, talking to a pina colada when it let it slip that the Celebration Lounge is going to be completely redesigned and renamed Ambhar.

"Ambhar?" I responded. "Yes," the coconut said, "Ambhar is named after the Tropicana's new player-partners... the award winning, five times distilled Ambhar Tequilia, a taste so smooth you'll start acting like those bozos on Entourage have been this season."

At that point, the coconut clapped its trap shut, never to speak to me again until it reminded me that you can meet and greet this coconut in the Ambhar should you win one of our amazing Tropicana Havana Gigantic Contest giveaways.

Caption this coconut for a chance to win!

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Comments & Discussion:


"I'm glad I'll be served at Ahmbar. Since they are changing everything, I thought I might have to take my act to the Sahara."

or, how about...

"Male or Female, in 2 hours I will be your bra"

S'alright? S'alright....

Look at this. They are making me this stupid fruit had with a sword in it. I once lived high the trees, beautiful women all around me all the time, I could see for miles, then something happened, I fell and here I am. And that is my story. Stay thirsty my friend."

Stop me if you've heard this one: a coconut walks into a bar...

Anyone seen my Lei?

Steve Wynn thinks I'm a moron!

Where is the green gym short chick?

"im good tasting and good for you, DRINK ME!!!!"

"Not too bad really... I got a chance for some hotties hand around me instead of my buddies who got made into candles and tiki faces carved on them".

"Help me rescue my friend and take us to your room"

as homer simpson once sang

"you put the beer in the coconut and you throw the can away"

Don't put any lime in this coconut!

The fun doesn't start until her top comes off.

"I'm telling you, Steve Wynn and Anderson Cooper. If I'm lying make me a mounds bar."

"I was fine with them jamming a straw and a sword in my head, but did they have to cut it open like Hannibal Lecter did to Ray Liotta?"

"Splitting tens!"

Game….blouses! Now keep drinking my wonderful Jesus juice. Skeet Skeet~

Who picks your clothes - Stevie Wonder?

c'on baby grap my nut, turn your lips around my strealm and suck that sweet white stuff out. Uuuuhh, I like it ;-)

"Free weekend in Vegas, heh? I told you that timeshare deal was a scam!"

"...so I told the genie, 'For my first wish, I want to get sucked off.'"

Where's my long lost brother, Wilson. Wilson!!! I'm sorry I left you on that island.

Does this hat make me look fat?

My insurance agent says I need an umbrella policy.

Get down! That cheap makeup woman is back and looking to bust some more nuts.

"When they said I was going to be a "Cup" I was really worried for a minute"

At least they made me into a colada and not that one donut that no one wants.

do not remove lid. monkey brains inside.

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