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Wynn's Private Jet Package Is Back!

By MikeE on Thursday, 19th August 2010 3:41am
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And this time, when they say "private," they really mean private - not sardined into a 50-passenger commuter plane and put on a bus at the terminal like the previous offering. That's not to say I wasn't ready to give the old Jet Setter package a go before they shuttered the idea (if for no other reason than to give the metaphorical finger to the TSA), but here's a little package so exclusive that you won't even find it on Wynn's website.

The offer includes roundtrip airfare for four from Los Angeles or Orange County airports on an Embraer Phenom 100, limousine transportation, and two nights accommodations in a Wynn Las Vegas Parlor suite with connecting Tower room. The price? A hefty $5,000 midweek, add another thousand for the weekend. Details are here.

Just for shits and giggles, let's get out The Pencil on what would otherwise be a dream itinerary created by the travel bargain illiterate. Parlor suites on Podcast-a-Palooza weekend are running $700 per night with connecting Tower rooms at an additional $389. That's a total of $2178 for two nights. First class seats on Continental direct from LAX are a total of $677 after taxes and fees per person, or a total of $2708 for the entire party.* That brings the grand total to $4886 on an itinerary that only someone who pays rack rate at a Harrah's property would think is a good deal. And it's still $1100 less than the cost of booking the package.

Sorry, but even my hatred for the TSA isn't worth that kind of gouging.

Many thanks to VT reader Aarhusianeren for the heads up!

*Not that any party that large living in southern California should consider flying to Vegas, let alone first class for a total of 15 minutes in-air drinking time, but we're just trying to keep the comparisons fair.

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No offense Mike, but this is not that of an idea, just poor execution. The incremental cost of adding 2-4 more guests (with only minimal increased costs), can really add substantial value. Another factor, for both actual and speculated, would be the convince of airports, since you just need a general aviation one not a commercial service one. Imagine living in West LA and the convince of taking off from Santa Monica over LAX, or Simi Valley at their airport and not Santa Barbara or Burbank.

Something tells me this more than, excuse the pun, a flight of fancy on the part of Wynn, but a viable product in the future.

No offense Mike, but the people that book these kind of packages aren't looking at cost-efficiency and travel bargins. What they are looking for is a degree of exclusivity that is not obtainable by the upper .5% of income.

Put more simply, we're not the target audience.

Attica, not sure I agree we are not the target. Well most of us maybe not, but if your planning, say a bachelor's party, the same package with a private jet for, say, 8 guys would be do-able.

Except that plane only seats 6 - and from the looks that's 6 cramped people, this is a very small airplane.

$5K - $2K = $3K for jet

seems high, but not bad at all for 4 people. private jets are epic win. (not like previous wynn package) and this is a jet as opposed to turboprop, which will presumably be my first private jet experience, from ~$1000/hr.

it would be smart for casinos that have private jets to open them up to paying customers when whales arent using them...

Keep in mind that Podcast-a-Palooza is also on Halloween weekend. Rates are often going to be higher on a party weekend. Another weekend might make for better comparison.

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