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The Gold Strike Marquee

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 17th August 2010 4:22pm
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Gold Strike Marquee

Those who have never enjoyed the pleasure of driving to Las Vegas from California via Interstate 15, know not the unintentional comedy that is the marquee at the Gold Strike.

The Gold Strike is a single solitary casino in Jean, Nevada. A few years ago the casino on the other side of the freeway, Nevada Landing - which looked like a gigantic paddle boat stranded in the desert - was demonished. Other than to get gas or take a historic drive via Highway 91 into town, there is little to no reason to exit at Jean.

The marquee can be seen flashing from about 5 miles away... blipping, blurting and blasting five or so messages at motorists who scream past at a blur. For those who care to actually gander at the Gold Strike's marquee over the next few weeks are guaranteed pure comedy gold. Or at least I think so.

Money you can feel!

Said one screen. Which slid away to reveal...

Our slots pay quarters!

In this instance, the old saying "when life hands you a lemon, make lemonade!" might be better misappropriated as "when life is a lemon, tell people how much you smell."

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Comments & Discussion:

What they don't tell you is that it's their DOLLAR slots that pay quarters.

A dollar slot that pays quarters? Isn't that the change machine? ;)

I've discovered a gambling hall locally that pays dollars. They've put a machine outside my local bank too. It's called an ATM and I've been winning $20 bills. Review to follow.

My, how quickly we were weaned from coin machines. Remember how so many people hated TITO at first? No more ritual of the coins: tracking down a coin guy or booth, cracking the roll in the tray, workin' the bucket, hearing the real tink-tink-tink, cashing out at the cage. I wish I had kept a few buckets for souvenirs. So maybe that marquee talks to a certain crowd. I'm 100% TITO'd myself, but I can see how that might work.

You forgot to mention the only reason the Gold Strike is still open is for visitors to the women's prison located a half mile out the back door.

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