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Steve Wynn Thinks I'm a Genius

By MikeE on Saturday, 14th August 2010 9:38am
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No, not really.

But shortly after my colleague, JohnH, reported of getting snubbed by Wynn only to be reconciled by Un-Wynn, the Nguyen Twitter folks tweeted a shocker:

Encore Dueling Pianos

Live music?! LIVE MUSIC?!!

The lack of live music at Wynncore has been one of our longest running criticisms, forcing us to listen to pan flute versions of GnR's 'Sweet Child o' Mine' over the casinoís sound system. Don't pretend like you don't like it.

Seriously though, it only took about a week after the opening of Wynn Las Vegas for them to rid Parasol Up of its piano, another month or so after that to ax the original B Bar and its trio, and finally, the Steinway in the Tower Suites lobby about a year later.

But why? In search of live music, I headed to Bellagio's Baccarat Bar last weekend. I was so enthralled, I had to take a video which I subsequently posted on Twitter.

It was a magical moment. The gentleman got up from his seat looking as though he was about to leave when he asked for his wife's hand. The pianist and bassist played as the two danced without a care that other people might be watching. It was elegant and beautiful. For a moment, the droves of people walking through Bellagio seemed to have morphed. Through the haze of my martini glass, wifebeaters turned into tuxedos, backpacks into boas, and coolers on luggage carts into Louis Vuitton trunks. Pure class.

I'd like to think Wynn was listening to me. I'd like to think he saw that video in my Twitter stream. I'd like to think his idea of putting dueling pianos at Eastside Lounge came from my video and my complaints.

But no. He wasn't listening to me. How do I know? Because here's what I said the night before while at Mandalay.

Consider me a moron, too.

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Comments & Discussion:

That piano player in the baccarat bar is the biggest cornball in all of Vegas.
We had a couple of drinks there on our last trip and were seated at the table next to him (them). The first time he said "I've sold 8.3 million records, I'm the number one selling Adult Contemporary piano player in the world." I thought he was just a little full of it. Over the next hour he said it at least three more times (just like the fountains out front, four times an hour) I think he is more than full of himself.

AND there was this 65 year old woman who kept tipping him $5's, every time she stepped up (three times while we were there) she'd put the five in the jar and walk around the piano to rub up against him. Her front against his side, for about five minutes.
No joke.
$5 = rubbing up on the piano player.

Who was this woman and where can I meet her?

dueling pianos at Wynn, seriously is someone checking his medication????

Yep... the Bellagio still has its charm.
Steps to defeating Wynn and Encore:
- sell to Wynn (or any other company that doesn't just give a crap about the $$)
- do a major restoration
- convert the Spa Tower into a Tower Suite/ Skyloft esque hotel.

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