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NYNY Offer's Draconian Fine Print

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 13th August 2010 6:02am
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A new offer from New York New York just landed in our email box. Instead of being formatted in standard html and images, this one accidentally came as a 'mobile' format message, something that seems to be happening with increasing frequency from all MGM Resorts properties over the last few months.

The upside for us (downside for them) is that we got to actually read the new(ish) fine print that came with said offer... uncovering some shockingly unfriendly booking policies.

Check it:

NYNY Fine Print

Your deposits are now no longer refundable should you cancel - NOT change dates - your reservation. Oh, and your reservation can't be changed too. Oh and if you find a better rate on Orbitz, Kayak or on the property website... they won't lower your rates - thereby rendering MGM Resorts International's "Best Rate Guarantee" promise a null and void empty promise. This explains why only Luxor seems to be the only hotel still honoring this publicly.

Whenever you book an offer, you MUST read the fine print or risk getting reamed by Vinnie and his goombah friends.

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Comments & Discussion:

Guess I won't be staying there. Way to go! Keep driving off customers, MGM! If you don't want your guests, there's lots of competitors who would love to have them.

Heck, why stay at a cheap ersatz city when a better ersatz city is practically next door?

Actually, thanks for the heads-up. It's definitely "news you can use" because the vast majority of regular Vegas visitors do take the refundable deposit for granted. I know I do. It's hard to believe anyone can make Harrahs look good, but these dumbbells are doing a great job of it.

I've gotten about 5 of these type of mobile messages lately through MGM on email, wonder if it's intentional for them to be putting them through like this, as they look like crap in email?

We were there in July. When I booked the room I was told the $12 a day resort fee (plus tax!) would be waived if I played in my usual fashion. The evening before checkout I went to the players club to get the standard "adjustments" to our bill and the jackass wouldn't comp a thing.

We stayed there once, I guess that was enough.

I've heard nothing but bad things about NY NY. I don't like that casino AT ALL. I loved it, the first time I went to Vegas, when I was FIFTEEN. LoL Everything was cool then.
It's sad to believe that I've gone to Vegas every year since I was 15 years old. The family vacations have turned into party benders now that I'm over 21.

The real sin in sin city is the overwhelming level of blatant dishonesty starting with the corporations and running all the way down to the front line employees, street hustlers, cab drivers, and law enforcement. Honesty is more than not telling a lie. Fine print like this may be truthful, it is not honest.

The "not available for conventioneers" language is in almost all discount packages and is about the most idiotic thing I've ever seen. I understand the theory that convention goers may not gamble as much as others. However, many of them do gamble, some go to shows, many of them shop for a spouse/kids gift in the malls attached to your freaking hotels, and all of them eat. For the freaking love of marketing, Vegas is constantly billed as a convention holders wet dream yet the fine print penalizes those that would attend. (At least in theory, try to enforce it.)

The duopoly running the strip is marketing something other than what they are selling. Las Vegas is now a giant bait and switch up-selling scam. MGM and Harrah's have killed the illusion. I'm fine with the idea that I don't get a lot of comps because I mostly play poker, but I am completely disgusted by having to constantly dodge the tip hustlers and angle shooters in this town and I really don't need that aggravation from the hotels. ""

The no changes or deposit refund provision may depend on whether this was a last minute booking offer with limited availability (which text offers often are). Also, I don't believe they cross-check with convention/meeting attendee list so as long as you don't pass the offer around it is not a problem.

I agree with scottchompson, this is more of Corporate Las Vegas cutting off it's nose to spite it's face. Could part of the long term viability of these casinos be increased if they didn't do everything in the short term to squeeze cash out of customers?

Resort fees, 6:5 Blackjack, not extending offers to convention members, etc. I feel like the MGM/Harrah's VegasCo is looking more like the rental car industry than a customer service focused resort destination.

Thinking about a vacation? Bend over America, here comes more fine print!

I got a $29 offer for Monte Carlo ("Casino Fall/Winter Offer") and booked it for three nights in December. Only after I printed out the confirmation did I notice the fine print, "Cancellation of this offer will result in the forfeiture of the full amount of your deposit." I don't need to cancel and if I do I'll only lose $32.48, but the idea of a non-refundable offer is something new in my many years of going to Vegas. Why the heavy-handiness?

I've booked stays at Harrah's using email offers that also had similar fine print (Like the non-refundable deposit.). Heck, they didn't even mention the cash or credit deposit at check-in in their fine print and I got a helluva a surprise when I was told of it at check-in.

I've also seen promotional rates at the Golden Nugget that in the fine print stated at once booked (or your existing reservation at the non-promo rate is changed to the promo rate), the reservation could not be changed nor were they valid for guests attending meeting or conventions.

I definitely don't like the idea of a non-refundable advance deposit for a hotel room. Stuff happens and you may have to cancel. If you have to cancel, do they credit you that amount for a future stay? I can understand the policy hotels have in regards to canceling at the last minute (48 hours or less) and you forfeit the deposit made at the time of booking as there's a chance that room could be empty that night.

Yet another reason to try out the new Tropicana across the street!!

Two things:

1. If you click the link and review the actual offer (not the link to it, but the page where you begin to make a reservation to the end of the reservation where you put your money down), you will find these words at the beginning of the process “Cancellation of offer requires 48-hour notice prior to the arrival date to receive a full refund. Once confirmed reservation may not be changed and nightly rates may not be lowered.” You will find these words at the end of the process where you put in your CC info you will see “48 hours notice required to cancel and receive refund of deposit”

The money pages are the legal ones you can cancel your reservation and get your refund back at NYNY. Hope the wording in that email (which I also received) was just a fluke and not a foreshadowing.

2. Always read the fine print just so you can see this type of thing. I almost booked the Palazzo once for the “Special Moments” package until I read the fine print “First night’s room and tax deposit required, and is non-refundable.” Oddly, the “Suite Side of Vegas” states “First night’s room and tax deposit required, and is fully refundable if canceled at least 72 hours prior to arrival.” At Palazzo, some deposits are refundable for some offers, but others are not. Be careful.

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