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Planet Hollywood Starts A Battle of The Bulls

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 13th August 2010 2:04am
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PH Bull

Fighting in the Blue Corner, previous home of the Coldest Beer and Dirtiest Girls in all of Las Vegas, the only bar you were previously required to wear tight Wrangler's and Stetsons to enter, the home of the most famous mechanical bull in Nevada... Gilley's (now located at Treasure Island.)

[Fake Buffer 180]

Fighting out of the Red Corner, the challenger, originally hailing from the Hawaiian Tropics from Planet Hollywood, a bar guaranteed to make you rock out with horn out, the newest mechanical bull in all of Las Vegas, but the only one to sport the initials PBR (no, it's not short for Pabst Blue Ribbon, it's an acronym of Professional Bull Riders).... the soon to open PBR Rock Bar!

Place your bets on who will win this battle of the bulls.

I give the edge to whomever has the dirtiest girls.


Comments & Discussion:

This story is nothing but bull from beginning to end.


Putting my money on Gilley's. I'd be surprised if PBR makes it much further than its namesake finals in October.

Apparently you haven't seen the Texas sized and styled fake titties I've seen stumbling around PHo as of late. Let the real rodeo begin.

You know one would look fantastic in the middle of Eastside Lounge.

"Texas Sized Fake Titties" sounds like a great name for a bar

My money is on Gilley's, while I hope PBR is successful, as I think it offers a nice alternative, the Miracle Mile has been one large revolving door for restaurants/clubs/concept bars since it opened. To the point of those large silicon implants running around PHo, I'd point out that Hawaiian Tropic Zone had its fair share as well.

I bet they charge $5 a beer for PBR on draft.
I can get a 16oz tallboy for $1 at the local rock bar here in town. Then again, it's not located on the Vegas strip. It's located on the main drag in Ybor City. A city famous for PIRATES and CIGARS.

Oh uh...yeah. I'd still go. I wanna ride a mechanical bull. Somewhere.

Is this going in the spot previously occupied by Trader Jims?

Naw, Trader Jims is now Cabo Wabo. This place, I think, is now in the old Hawaiian Tropic.

Another "Drink Til Ya Puke" joint? Yay! Bring on the Bottomless-Suds Wars!

I'll root for PBR if they promise to upgrade their all-you-can-drink beer to something, ANYTHING, better than Busch.

I'll get DonnyMac up there and have his shirt fall off "accidentally", a la Peter Griffen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq3tzVMJTcs

Cabo Wabo has been a big hit since opening and I believe the area can only support one of these "party" bars. PBR will be out in 1 year and it won't have anything to do with Gilley's.

"I believe the area can only support one of these "party" bars."

Well Blondie's is right there and they offer beer pong, so I think they can be considered a "party" bar. I think it's just a difficult location. How long did the Hawaiian Tropic Zone last there? That was a quick trip.

To solve this problem, let's get the old waitresses from Hawaiian Tropic Zone to ride the mechanical bull. I'd pay a few bucks to watch that.

Without PabstBR, PBullR is pretty misleading. My GF applied for a job there and didn't know it was for the rodeo crowd, until the guy corrected her when she started talking about the beer. I can imagine the music screeching to a halt every night when a large group of hipsters wanders into "The Bar with Beltbuckles for Serving Trays."

The crazy thing, I remember a bar back in KC called Harry's Country Club, that played all old tunes like Conway Twitty and such. They have a HUGE hipster following, mostly because of the the selection of old brews like Pabst, Schlitz, Old Style, Hamms.

I think a great marketing plan for PBullR would be to go after the Cowboys during the run-up to the rodeo, and focus on the young crowd the rest of the year...or at least operate a weekly hipster party, complete with $40 bottles of PBR 1844.


If I ever win the lottery or hit the Megabucks Progressive, I'm going to buy a racehorse and name it "Texas Sized Fake Titties"......

I once rode a mechanical bull at a country nightclub that used to be here in Atlanta (The irony was that the club was in an area that could be best described as "the hood".). I did so in an vain attempt to impress a girl from work with Texas Sized Real Titties (Normally I would never set foot in such a place, but when you have a crush on someone, you will do things to try to impress that crush.). I lasted 3 or 4 seconds on a wussy setting, and most of that time was spent sideways hanging on for dear life.

if they hold implant night then PBR Rock Bar may win but i think the location is doomed.

Considering the history of failure on that plot of land, I believe you may be right. The land that the Sahara/PHo must have been an sacred burial ground for Paiutes......

PBR should let all their servers walk around topless. It's a shame to hide all those fake titties. I'd visit to see nice tits, but I won't go to ride some mechanical piece of bullshit.

So glad Treasure Island FiNalLy added something to their hotel. I'm gonna have to make a stop by when I visit in September. I used to be a "TI Girl" as I considered myself, lol, and I haven't stayed their in years. To many Vegas Hotels are upgrading and We Love It!! I visit Vegas quite a bit, and there is always something new to see! Never a dull moment ;) Hope TI keeps it up with the additions...

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