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TropTripping: Caption This Gambler

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 11th August 2010 5:57pm
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In case you didn't know, we're giving away a ton of groovy Tropicana experience packages throughout the month of August. All you have to do to be entered is to join the discussion here on VT.

Today, as part of the introduction of the new Las Vegas Mob Experience at The Tropicana, notorious film/tv gangster Frank Vincent stopped by to film a commercial.

Ol' Frank needs a little help with his lines.... write some for him for a chance to win a stay at the all brand new Tropicana Las Vegas.

Caption Frank Vincent

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Comments & Discussion:

No, the right one. Scratch the right one.


What would Joe Pesci do?

I said blow on my chips for luck - now zip me back up!

I wonder if I should tell her that's my cane.

Is that cum on his vest? How'd I do that?

"If you're over 60 years old, like me, you should have your prostate checked regularly. HIT ME! Not you."

*------------The More You Know

What d'aya hear about this Vegas Internet Mafia?

What the fuck you drinkin' there cupcake? Windex?

"Hand me my drink there, will ya toots? Vodka, triple sec, and 15 Viagras - blended. I call it, 'The Hard Eight'."

hey toots! I hope you can see the cards better than I can. Grab that strategy card outta my left pant pocket will ya?

Blondie, change the cards to a winner like I dream of Jeannie.

I may not have a 21, but these two 10's I've got with me make me a winner.

"That's great baby, keeping pulling the beads out while this dealer whacks off on the cards." God I love Vegas, they will do anything to get people to the tables now!!!

Hey Baby, I said: "Dare a few calls, not stare at my balls"

If you hit two Johnnycakes, I'll shove a pool cue where the sun don't shine.

If i cum will i die? i seriously havent came in like 15 years!im scared! i think its manly to ask smart questions like this! My motha still cums but its a totally different anatomy down there! im legitimately scared for my life! someone wikipedia this shit!or go home and get yo fuckin SHINEBOX!

ps.we need to enlarge his thought bubble

Wanna know where the Spilatro's are really duried? Keep rubbing toots.

Cup 'em honey, not grab 'em.

"I've got to win this hand, I need another hour with this escort. What's the dealer doing? Goddamn I really have to poop."

"Now go home and get yer fuckin shinebox!"

"Goddamnit! This bitch has been rubbing me for 20 minutes and I'm still serving boneless pork. Oh, no! Did I just shit myself?"

Yo! Kojak! I don't need your card! I am at the Trop!

Its a good thing that they re-did the Port Cochere. I really love the Trop.

Why didn't I remember to pack the Viagra ????

Of course she's my niece, what the hell were you thinking snapperhead.

"can ya smell that baby, that's right, Daddy needs a diaper change!"

"I should've used Preparation H."

Can I use these Dunes chips?

"Just don't let Remo Gaggi know I'm the reason things are f**ked up down here!"

"Yo, Mr. Dealer! Hugh Hefner's got nothin' on me. Capisce?"

I don't believe it! A blonde on my right,a brunette on my left,hot cards and this jamoke takes a cell call from his mother! Why I otta...

"I got hemorrhoids older than these two girls. Thank you, HBO!"

It's good to be the King.

Where's the bitch in the green gym shorts?

Fuck Tony, fuck his fucking Caesars, fuck his fucking stripper skank and fuck their fucking peyote! The Trop, these bitches, a big, fat fucking steak, some nice linguine on the sid, a coupla drinks....THIS is fucking Vegas, baby!

Mmmmmmm! Yeah? You got! Little to the left! That's it. Where the fuck was I?

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