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DVR Alert: Cash Cab Comes to Vegas

By JohnH on Monday, 9th August 2010 9:50pm
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It's a bit late for our East Coast trippers - EastCoastGambler, we send our condolences - but we just wanted to notify all of you that everyone's favorite mobile game show, "Cash Cab," has finally made it out to Vegas and that the episodes of said game show will be airing six times tonight on Discovery starting at 7:00 pm.

We don't want to give away all the surprises, but get ready for painfully awkward celebrity rounds involving Mayor Oscar "Now Sponsored by Bombay Sapphire" Goodman, Louie "I Haven't Died Yet?" Anderson, and Carrot "Just Leave Las Vegas Already" Top. Blech. Note: Keep an ear, eye, and shoulder out for the Steve Wynn question. That one's just tons of ironic fun.

We at VT can't wait, though, for the as-of-yet unaired episodes of "Cash Cab After Dark: Las Vegas." Word on the grape vine is that Ben Bailey will pick up scores of pornslappers, timeshare maggots, nightclub chodes, and a special three-way fare with Criss Angel, Matt Goss, and Robin Leach. Get excited, everybody.

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I'm holding out for the melding of HBO's "Taxicab Confessions" with Discovery's "Cash Cab". Called, "Taxi Cash Cab Confessions," the first episode features Ben Bailey quizing a 300 lb. pre-op transexual on state capitals, while the tranny pleads for Ben to leave the meter running during a quick stop in an alley behind the Stratosphere.

I want to be on Cash Cab so bad!!! I just have a feeling they'd pick me up while on some psychedelic drug, then he would turn all the lights on and be like "Your in the cash cab!!" and my response would be freaking out and trying to get out the door. Which would be locked.
Do they lock you in the Cash Cab once you're in?
I want to see the episodes of the driver getting punched by some burly manly tough guy.

"You're in the cash cab!!!" ::music and lights::
"What the f*ck?" ::PUNCH::

This is the one show I think I might do well at. I saw the one in NYC and I knew most of the answers. Vegas would be a snap, I think.

Now thats the place for the Cash Cab! This is long overdue! Now we will see some real action on those double or nothing video Chalange's! Welcome to Las Vegas Cash Cab! And Good Luck to you all!

I saw the first episode and immediately new it was in Vegas. The passenger missed the first question and subsequently got long-hauled from the airport to MGM to the tune of $45!!!

I've been a fan of this show for a long time, and this was awesome. If anyone ever needs a mobile shout-out for a gaming/Las Vegas question, feel free to call me.

^^ Wow. Where in the world but VegasTripping is one of the world's foremost authorities on gaming and Las Vegas going to volunteer to be your mobile lifeline on Cash Cab? Dr. Dave, you've got to be the coolest foremost authority ever.

^^I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

Thanks for the kind words.

I think this has potential for tons more comedy than the NYC version. I bet it takes forever to film because all the passenger contestants are either underage hookers or drunk frat douchebags. I wonder where the pickup spot will be from, which casino will allow them to film the pickup and which allow dropoffs...

...can they stop the taxi on the Strip to kick people out? I thought they couldn't do that? Looks like they're going to have to do that on some side street. Hahahaha. So, what if someone got robbed or shot (a real possibility) at the random kickout point?

At the same time, I'd think they'd also have to give up the street shout out. Since there's no real stopping on the Strip, Ben would also have to take the side streets. ...And you don't really want to roll your windows down off the Strip, ya know? You could get a mouthful of sand or worse yet, inhale some of the leftover crack clouds puffing around the city!

I'm gonna tape this- this is going to be fun!

Sounds great, but I'm holding out for Ho Cab.

Haha...Mayor Goodman should be the new spokesman for ShamWow!

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